The New Year is always a shining opportunity to replace the obsolete and musty frumpish designs with state-of-the-art and up-to-date interiors.  As always you will be primarily concentrating on your home-front when it comes to re-modelling your interior design styles and trends.

Innovation is our forte, but we are always looking to expand our horizons and come up with new and exciting ideas for interior spaces and paint colour shades. The New Year gives us all an opportunity to start afresh on a blank canvas as we begin to experiment and try out things we have never attempted before.

Explosion of Blues:


Blue is more than a colour. The sky above us and the ocean below us can affirm to that. Blue is a plethora of moods, feelings and emotions.

Give your home a touch of the many Blue colour shades, from warm and happy charcoal blue living rooms to refreshing ice blue bathrooms and breezy cobalt balconies. Blue is one colour that suits all your requirements and you will also notice that blue colour shades and hues bring out various ideas for interior design styles and furniture placement.

2019’s trend is to make multiple shades of a single colour, also applicable with any other colour of your preferred spectrum. We ourselves have experimented with multiple home colour shades like Red, Yellow, Pink and Purple and have come up with outstanding results. As always, we recommend that you look at natural colour shades for inspiration.

Gold, Silver and their subjects:


Did you know that the shade Deep Mustard is a lovely additive or a variant to Gold? Similarly, steel (a variant for Silver) coloured office spaces are about to become a major trend in the UK, owing to its ice cool atmosphere.

The design is reminiscent of the 19th-century trend in Western Europe where there was a cultural fusion happening due to the Industrial Revolution and the aftermath of the age of enlightenment. The royal colour shades of Gold and Silver were given centre stage with plenty of combinations with other regular colours.

Aside from that, you can touch up on some Grey shades around for a most misty feel for your spare bedrooms in your homes. This sort of painting shades for home is especially good in places where the temperature gets a little too hot in the summer, to serve as a gentle reminder that the rains are never far away.

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