Geometric patterns in home décor might be a thing of the past but the trend keeps evolving over time with hexagonals, pentagons and trapeziums pushing aside squares, rectangles, triangles and circles. The geometric pattern is versatile, timeless and elegant that can be used in many interior designing styles.

Scandinavian designs include the zig-zag pattern with an ethnic twist. Black and white colour combinations make the geometric shapes look stronger but it also matches with lighter colours like mint, salmon, peach, or neutrals like greys and nude hues. In terms of shape, hexagonal has been used widely for its historical significance. The herringbone pattern is also a traditional pattern that has stood the test of time. Traditional and modern homes have this pattern on their walls and floorings as well. To get your room a polished look and to add an instant visual interest, geometric patterns are a way to create a room that meets all the interior design’s basic requirements while looking incredibly modern. Choosing the right pattern for your colour scheme is a crucial task and must not be taken lightly. Moreover, patterns must play the role of an accent as it would be overwhelming for your guest to stare at a room filled with patterns. Interior designing is hopeless without patterns and if you’re looking to redesign the rooms of your home, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy into this popular trend.

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