The walls of our home don’t just encase to protect us. Colours unite things that make the house a home – it adds positivity, comfort, and togetherness. Have you ever noticed how colours are impacting your mood? Picking up the right colours brings the most out of it.

The home painting colour ideas aren’t just for an aesthetical choice, it gives the ambiance a fresh, warm, and inviting vibe. If you’re worried about running out of wall painting colour ideas, then note, you’re not alone. Bright and vivid colours can make us awake and alert, peachy and pastel colours can make us calm and soothing. Each colour tends to give to impulsive results that impact the mood and ambiance.

Here are the home painting colour ideas and trends to keep you updated with the best combinations to pull off the coordinated look. coating solution for your exteriors.

Dark Secret (NP BGG 1561A) & Courtyard Green (NP BGG 1806A)

—  from the colors of Youth, color theme Qur!ous

double colour combination

No Wonder the blue is voted the world’s topmost colour in the world, who hates blue? Blue is familiar and everywhere; it delivers a calm shade of azure. The Nippon Paint’s Dark Secret creates a classy and lively ambiance. Either single wall Dark Secret or with other complementary colours will brighten up your room all the way it can.

Green is a colour of life and a symbol of ecology. It resembles nature, energy, growth, freshness, fertility, renewal, rebirth and the list keep going on and on. The Nippon Paint’s Courtyard Green brings home every entity blissful nature to your home and creates a calm and inviting space reflecting the daylight.

Blue Signature colour (NP PB 1530P) & Spellbound (NP AC 3424A)

—  from the colors of North, color theme LO+VE

home painting colour ideas

As Nippon Paint’s Blue Signature is light, other dark shades of complementary mix and match on other walls work great for interior as it brings that pleasant and heavenly vibe. The Blue Signature also pairs perfectly with white as it brings a beatific ambiance together. Warm and rustic interior decors can counterbalance along with rest. 

The Nippon Paint’s Spellbound colour is unique, it represents beauty and elegance. It promotes harmony and found to be the colour of sophistication. The Spellbound and other pale Wall colour combinations bring a classic look to your interior. Along with that, floral patterns and gray-toned decors can add up a distinguishing and powerful pop out of the wall. 

Drifting Lavender (NP PB 1432P) & Enchanted State (NP N 1922P)

—  from the colors of Youth, color theme DeepSleep

Drifting Lavender wall colour ideas

The Drifting Lavender is a distinct colour out of other complementary versions of its kind. As Lavender has been a popular choice of many, the Nippon Paint has come up with the unique pastel tone of the colour. The home painting colour ideas represents imagination, dreams, and modernity to your House. The Drifting Lavender in daylight brings your room a soft tone. 

Grey is perennially a classic choice of colour that is still delivering modern options. The Nippon Paint’s Enchanted State is a balanced colour of grey, a medium-dark shade of grey colour family, that is deep and mysteriously toned between black and white. A little amount of natural light gives a big impression to your guests as this grey never falls flat. 

Day Light (NP YO 1201 P) & Forever Young Painting Ideas(NP PB 1405P)

—  from the colors of Youth, color theme Innocensuality

day light home painting ideas

The Nippon Paint’s Day Light colour is kinda-orange, a lighter version of orange colour family. It makes a room feel young, vibrant, fresh, and modern. White decors or darker shade of orange colours to other walls bring a mellowed and pulled-together look. The natural daylight adds a peachy, creamy and velvety shine over the walls of your home.

The Forever Young by the Nippon Paint is not-so-purple but a lighter version of its kind. This is an unexpectedly sophisticated shade with a perfect blend of soft pink and light purple remaining fairly neutral tone, stays lively on the wall, creating a perfect ambiance for your space. This light shade of purple gives off a relaxed and luxurious vibe. 

Teal Stone Painting (NP BGG 1693P) & Iris Tip (NP OW 1052P)

—  from the colors of South, color theme Sloli

dual colour home painting ideas

The Teal Stone colour is even lighter than Turquoise, it is a blend of bright blue and sea green colour. With this colour ideas, you can mix and match other complementary ones to bring out a stunning space. As Blue tones are said to evoke clarity, pureness, and elegance by allowing the natural light into your Teal Stone coloured room will be absolute bliss.

The Iris Tip is a kind of lightest shades of grey. It looks beautiful on walls, paneling, cabinetry, and everywhere. This light version of grey will be a great choice for the ones who crave minimalist and monochromatic styles. The Iris Tip more than a true grey, it is cozy, modern and relaxed, brings out a dramatic vibe to the ambiance.

For more home painting colour ideas, visit the Nippon Paint Colour vision page, and explore the colour combinations and trends of 2020.   

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