Pink has been stereotyped as a colour associated with the female gender for centuries. As times pass, trends change and so has this perception. Pink might be a tricky colour but with a little direction, it can look chic rather than tacky or childlike.

Milllennials are in love with this colour and for all the right reasons. You can pair pink with leopard prints for the space above your bedroom mantle to make your room look effortlessly glamourous. Mix and match different shades of pink from dark pink, fuchsia to baby pink to showcase a unique décor style.

Pink walls have calming capabilities and depending upon the shade it can lighten up anyone’s mood. Dining rooms and hallways can use darker tones while the paler pinks work best in offices, master bedrooms and bathrooms. Retro appliances painted in pink shades can help your kitchen shine with charisma. You don’t have to just stop with mixing shades of colour on your walls, you could also mix up patterns and try going in for pink-themed floral art in your halls. There are endless possibilities for experimenting with this colour as it smoothly transitions into a much cooler environment instantly.

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