Wall paint colours are not monotonous and boring anymore. The colour of the walls determines how spacious and vibrant a room can look. Each space in the house demands a different vibe, depending on its purpose. For instance, bedroom wall paint should emit cosiness and calmness while the living room wall paint colour should be positive, bright, and inviting.

There must have been times where the decision-making becomes difficult while choosing a wall paint colour, either due to varied opinions or due to the wide range of options available. Some classic options like pink for bedroom, white for kitchen space, etc., never go out of fashion. However, some quirky options like using contrasting wall paint colours for each wall in a room are gaining more interest among the users.

Here are some of the trending wall painting colour ideas:

Living room

Living room is a space to hold any guest coming in, thus requiring a bright vibrant wall paint colour. Colours like Koralle (NP R 1261 D) and Diva (NP R 1267 A) from Nippon Paint are preferred for a cheerful and harmonious environment. More dynamics are added with other medium-dark shades like.

Dining room

Dining rooms are meant to have a neutral tone to create a sense of togetherness and bonding. When an entire family sits in the room for dining, the wall paint colours should keep the vibe calm and composed. Nippon Paint’s hues like Walden White (NP OW 1010 P) provide this calmness and make the dining experience pleasant and friendly.


Bedrooms are a sign of comfort and security. While some prefer a dark tone to gel with the night, some contrast it with one lighter wall paint colour. Colours like Blue Wool (NP BGG 1572 P) give a feeling of luxury and comfort. Mixing hues like Basic Blue (NP BGG 1580 P) also lets each colour add a different dynamic to the room. Each colour from Nippon Paint stands on its own and creates a cosy mood.


Kitchen is a classy place, demanding versatility and creativity. The wall paint colours of this room should indicate the different personalities living under the same roof.  Warm colours like Green Barricades (NP BGG 1617 A) are popular choices for adding depth and flavour to the walls of the kitchen.


The latest trends in bathroom wall paint colours are the ones that can bring in light and keep the small corner of your house a bright and tidy place. Considering that this area should invite brightness, Nippon Paint’s wall paint colours like Vivaville (NP PB 1409 T) are the most preferred choices.

Apart from contrasting colours to the different walls, the latest trend is to create block patterns on the walls with multiple colours, making it more colourful and dynamic.

A home holds various personalities, so should the walls of the home. As mentioned above, there are multiple choices for each space that can reflect each person’s character and appealing to visitors at the same time. Nippon Paint is committed to creating homes out of houses, and this is one small way in which we look to help you. Become an expert of your own space and dictate how it should look with Nippon Paint wall colour ideas.

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