Have you ever entered a fully painted and furnished room and still did not feel the vibe of the room? If you’ve been in that position, texture paint is your answer. Textures are not second options anymore. They add more dynamics to a room and make it stand out.



What is wall texture paint?

Texture paint is a rough gritty application of paint with different tools that add texture to a plain wall. It is almost like a 3D effect on your walls, and the right colour combinations can work wonders in wall texture painting. It is a permanent solution in place of a wallpaper. Sometimes, it is also used to cover imperfect walls.


Why texture paint?

  • Texture paint is more stylish and adds a unique touch to the walls.
  • It withstands any climatic conditions, and does not let algae or fungi affect the walls.
  • It is water-based, and is less toxic than oil-based regular paint.
  • It is the easiest way to create illusions on the walls. With texture paint, one can make it look like tiles or marbles have been placed on the walls.
  • Its thick nature makes it more durable with less application.
  • It covers the imperfections in the walls.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • Any colour, from plain to metallic, is suitable for texture paint on walls.


How to apply texture paint?

From basic tools like paint brush, roller, spray can to advanced tools like sponge, and spatula, wall texture paint design can be created with a wide range of tools.

Best wall texture painting ideas

If you are a beginner, simple tools can be used to create any texture. Several DIY packages make it easy these days.

With ample research, advanced tools and techniques can be used. Nippon Paint India’s experts offer the best service for both consultation and application of wall texture paint design.

There are a few “ready-to-use” texture paints that are available in the market, and can be directly applied on the walls.It can be applied on both plastered and new walls, and will give the same effect.



How to choose texture paint for walls?

There are different techniques that suit different walls.

For dry walls, techniques like skip towel, brush slap texture, swirl, Rosebud stomp, etc., are suitable. Neutral colours like Nippon Paint India’s Spun Green (NP BGG 1623 T) can be used. This is a classic example of how even a monotone can be made interesting with texture paint.

rustic look with texture paint

Nippon Paint India’s Smooth Sailing (NP BGG 1565 P) can be paired with white to create a rustic look with texture paint wall design on old walls.

metallic colour interior wall texture

A combination of a plain base like Greenway (NP BGG 1624 A) and a metallic colour like Gold or Silver on top to create texture is another great idea for both old and new walls.

grey tone texture paint wall design

If colours are not your thing, you can also prefer simple white paint with a complex technique like hand towel to maintain uniqueness in texture paint wall design. Another popular colour choice for such preferences is Amazing Touch (NP N 1924 D) by Nippon Paint India, which is a grey tone and is the most versatile of all.

Click here to know more about the types of texture paint ideas.

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