how much does the texture paint cost

Having an estimated cost is absolutely important for any work to begin with, painting job is no exemption.

Textured paint is a multi-purpose alternative to traditional flat paints. A wall with textured paint doesn’t require much maintenance as they hide dirt and conceal flaws very well. Texture paint isn’t a single paint but a process that brings it out alive.

To figure out your texture painting cost, you need to have a clear idea of how much paint you need. It’s a series of decision making that will help you zero-in on the paint cost.

Deciding on the surface:

First and foremost, chart out your requirements, most importantly the surface you want to paint should be finalized. Having a clear-cut answer for the below specifics would help you get there:

• The number of rooms, walls and ceilings you intend you paint should be finalised.
• You need to evaluate whether the walls are already textured or to paint from scratch.
• The total area you intend to paint should be evaluated and the length, breadth, width, height and carpet area should be accurately measured.

Only then, you will have an idea about the exact area that needs to be painted.
After figuring out on what needs to be painted, the next thing you need to look into is the kind of paints and the layers you need.

Choose the right paint:

choosing the right paint

Texture painting costs include the cost of primers you use. You must choose a multi-purpose primer-sealer.

When choosing your paints, you need to access the durability and spreadability of the paints. Sheen paint is what you will need for coating over the primer. You need to choose the right sheen paint which will make a perfect platform to your texture finish. Satin Glo+ or Satin Glo Prim will do. Satin Glo+ gives a luxury sheen whereas Satin Glo Prime gives it a high sheen.

texture paint using Momento Dzine

After which you need to find the exact cost of the texture finish paint. Momento Dzine is the one to go as far as texture paint is concerned.

Determine the required quantities:

Although you now have clarity of the area you need to paint and the paints you need, to figure out the texture painting cost you also have decided on the number of coatings you ought to paint and the texture designs you wish to bring alive. Generally speaking, you use a primer and a base paint as undercoating, so just one coat of texture finish should suffice.

determine the required quantities

But when it comes to texture designing, it solely depends on the techniques you use and design you wish to put forth. Accordingly, you may require extra coating or patterning materials based on the design you want to bring it out on the surfaces you paint on.

For example, if you need a darker shade or you wish to design further, you require more paint and the cost will differ accordingly.

Finally, after having figured out the area you need to paint, the paint you need and the texture design you wish to unleash, you can now use our paint calculator to determine the individual paint costs.

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