When I paint my house, the last thing I want to do after a long day of painting is clean my brushes. Letting paint dry on my paint brushes and later kicking myself for it has been a part of my painting ritual. Sometimes, I even threw those brushes away. But, recently I learned a few ways to clean paint brushes. So if you have ever forgotten about your paint brushes over-night and found them next morning all dry and hard, no need to get worried. Here we look at different ways to clean your paint brushes overnight.

1. Paint Thinners

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Though you may use your brush for one or two strokes, it gets dry and removing the paint from the bristles might get difficult. During such cases using paint thinner is one of the best ways for you to get the job done. It is the most commonly used solvent to clean up paint brushes. Made from 100 percent pure mineral spirits, it ensures the highest level of quality and compatibility.

When you dip a brush into a bucket of paint thinner, the oil and pigment are able to get away from the bristles in an immaculate manner. As a result, when you use a paint thinner there are no leftover colours which may get mixed up while using the paintbrush again.

2. Using vinegar


With so many uses around your house, vinegar is one of the most useful items. Now, here is yet another reason for you to reserve a special place for it in your home. Using hot vinegar to clean your paint brush, either right after painting or the next day morning can be effective. Cleaning your paint brush with vinegar gets your brush ready for the next painting session.

Heat vinegar up-to a simmering temperature and, pour it into a container of your choice. Place your brush inside the hot vinegar. Allow your paint brush to sit on the vinegar for at least 20 minutes so that the paint softens. Make sure the bristles aren’t touching the sides. This will guarantee that the bristles don’t get out of shape. Then use your fingers to remove the old paint. Instead of applying excess pressure, repeat the method smoothly to prevent damage in your brush.

3. Using Dish Wash Bar 

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Your dish wash bar can clean your paint brush. Out of all the things that you could use from your household, you might be wondering why dish wash bar? The fact is that, dish wash soap gives you the same effect that paint thinner has on pigments and oils. It effectively separates the two, just like how it removes the gunk that gets settled on your utensils.

After working with your paint brush, get the paint off the bristles with your hands or a brush comb. Take a pail of soapy water and fully cover the brush bristles. Add a little liquid dishwashing detergent. Dip and swirl the brush in detergent water. Replace the dirty with clean water and repeat until the brush is clean.

From now on, you need not throw away your dried up, futile paint brushes. With the above methods you can reuse it as many times as possible

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