We have found that thinking out the box has really helped us understand perspective and ambience a lot better, to come up with unique interior décor ideas. Appreciating how natural colours and the beautiful dance of day and night have so much to offer to us as inspiration is one of the key reasons behind these ideas.

Space is one of the most important elements of interior design. Needless to say, the kind of colours and patterns you paint in your rooms will reflect upon the space around it. This is also important with regards to furniture placement. Aligning your furniture in tune with the patterns and colours on your wall is one of the best interior design tips and tricks that will make your home look like a suave and sophisticated space that’s just perfect for living in.

The Yin-Yang Technique:


As you may be aware already, Yin is the black side with the white dot in it, and yang is the white side with the black dot in it. This is an old-fashioned trend which was a cult classic back in the day and is now coming back to light as a fascinating home interior decorating idea. Bold and Black bathrooms with rich lighting offer an indulgent high-end experience. To contrast, Bright White kitchens ensure a clean and refreshing cooking experience.

Black and White combos create a wonderful dreamscape by themselves, so it’s no wonder that theatres and performance halls around the world are always made with a combination of their respective shades. Black and White design patterns are also fast becoming the only Asian style interior design for restaurant kitchens as the stark contrasts results in a highly productive work rate.

The Light-Dark Approach:


Painting a home with 90% white and 10% dark colours is a great way to truly highlight the colours. In contrast, specific rooms can also be 90% black and 10% in light colours. The emphasis is on the colours and some wonderfully exotic colours can be brought to light. Few examples such as Rose Gold, Amber, Yellow/Orange- sun colour work perfectly with this idea.

The light colours with dark paints and dark colours with white paints are peculiar interior design ideas. You can make pleasing combinations by keeping the natural colour in mind and combining a lighter warm colour with a darker cool colour. Light coloured walls also ensure more sunlight is reflected indoors, which is an important part of constructing your living room space.

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