Interior wall design is just a painting option for a few, and it is gaiety for some who live in an artistic and creative world. Irrespective of whether you paint or decorate the walls (with creative sense), the choice of materials and styles that you adopt should enhance the appearance of the entire room and add value to your home. Besides this, every room has its unique functions, so the styles you prefer should match the requirements of a living room, playroom and bedroom. So, to give a perfect interior design on walls, we are giving you a set of interior wall design tips.

1. Wall Painting

home interior design ideas

The choice of interior design on walls depends on the individual’s requirement. But to please each personality at the home, it is mandatory to select the right options from interior wall painting options like smooth and matte finish emulsions, Enamel, and Textured. The matte and textured are the best fit for wall painting design for bedrooms, while the emulsion and enamel options are suitable for wall painting design for living rooms. To choose durable interior paint products, visit our product section.

2. Wallpaper

home interior wall design

For example, Vinyl (washable) wallpaper is best suitable to wall designs for living room, as it is easier to clean dirt and watermarks on the walls, anytime.

On the other hand, to wall designs for bedrooms, it is preferable to decorate the walls with 3D or liquid wallpapers to get both elegant and dynamic look on the walls of the room.

3. Plaster

interior wall design ideas

Plasters are a greater solution to decorate the walls with several themes like sports, nature, and cartoons. The appearance of these plasters varies depending on the plaster types & the benefits of applying these plasters are you can have a diversified pattern on the walls. The four best patterns that you can try on your walls are structural, mineral, and textures.

    • STRUCTURAL – Provides a non-uniform look on the walls and the grain size in this plaster varies between 0.6 and 3 mm. The structural plasters are best suitable for interior wall designs for living rooms.



    • MINERAL PLASTERS – This plaster resembles tiny marbles and is more economical than structural and textured plasters. For a compact home, these mineral plasters are best suitable for interior wall designs in halls.

4. Tile

Tile finishing is most suitable for the walls of the living room and bedroom & it is available in a couple of formats like hard and soft. The hard tiles are best suitable for compact rooms, meanwhile, the soft tiles are preferred for spacious rooms.

home interior wall design ideas

The ability of both hard and soft tile to emulate stone, wood or other designs gives you a choice to convert the walls of the room to various themes such as comical characters, superheroes and Wild animals.

Depending on the manufacturing materials, these tiles are also available in the form of PVC, glass, ceramic, and quartz-vinyl. This interior wall design option is best suitable for the kids’ room.

5. Wall Panels

home interior wall design ideas

If you prefer to interior design the walls at minimum cost and effort, then the wall panel is the best option you can opt for. These panels are easier to install on the walls & you have more varieties in both colour and texture. The panels that you can try on your walls are Rack Typesetting Panel, Tile Patterned Panel, and Sheet Wall Panels.

6. Stone Decors

interior wall paint design ideas

The stone pattern is one of the lucrative interior wall design options & this pattern is best suitable for the rooms that are neither compact nor too spacious. Compared to every other wall design option, stones are expensive, yet it fits the bill for its durability. Having this stone pattern on the walls retain moisture in the room, and it also emphasizes the status of your home.

Selection of materials and styles can either be done with a professional interior designer’s advice or you can prefer the styles that you need randomly. But, to get accurate finish with wall painting contact Nippon Paint Pro Store professionals to get the work done precisely.

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