The kitchen is the heart of every Indian home, where families gather to prepare meals, share stories, and create lasting memories. It becomes vital to create the best ambience for a kitchen. When designing a kitchen, choosing the right colour combination is crucial. Don’t worry. With Nippon Paint, we’ve got the science of colours down perfectly to the T. We’ll help you pick the right colour for your kitchen with an emphasis on simple kitchen colour combinations, which will lend a new sense of elegance to your kitchen that also complements our traditional Indian tastes.

Timeless White and Wood:

white wood colour combinations for kitchen-nippon paint

Thecombination of White and Wood is always a winner for a classic and refined appearance. The white walls make the kitchen appear larger and brighter. Combining it with wooden furniture like kitchen islands, shelves, or cupboards provides warmth and an undertone of natural charm. This combination complements the colourful spices and ingredients used in Indian cuisine. The combination of white and wood also gives the room a sense of elegance and simplicity. You can find these colours in our colour ranges under the colour codes of whispering white NP OW 1001 P and little angel  NP N 1824 P. 

Vibrant Yellow and Green

yellow and green colour combinations for kitchen

Indian cuisine is known for its vibrant cooking style. Your kitchen can reflect this spirit through bright colour schemes like yellow and green. Yellow brings in a sense of warmth, and green adds a touch of freshness. Choosing lighter shades of yellow and green will maintain a balanced and cheerful look. You could incorporate these colours through accent walls, cabinets or even kitchen appliances to create a lively and energizing ambience. If you’re looking for a colour reference, we’ve got you covered. Why don’t you try our Glory Yellow (NP YO 1129 T) and our Blue Entry (NP BGG 1574 T) for a taste of what your kitchen can look like.  

Contemporary Black and White

black and white colour combinations for kitchen-nippon paint

This colour combination may look like a simple colour combination for your kitchen but if you want a modern look for your kitchen, the timeless contrast of black and white would be an ideal choice! It creates a sleek and trendy aesthetic for your kitchen. Another advantage that comes along with this colour combination is the ease of maintenance. This colour scheme also allows for experimenting with various textures such as a matte finish or a glossy one. Rest assured that this classic combination will lend a new sense of aesthetic to your cooking space. Check out our Black Magic  (NP N 1988 A) and Whispering White  (NP OW 1001 P) combination to see how the most basic of colours can add a dash of sophistication like none other. 

Serene Blue Greens and Wood 

blue and green colour combinations for kitchen-nippon paint

A Blue-green tone will create a serene and revitalizing kitchen atmosphere. These hues have a calming effect as both are colours associated with nature. These colours can infuse tranquillity in the space, suitable for busy Indian kitchens. Wood cabinets paired with the above colour tone can provide a sense of freshness to the kitchen. For those who want their kitchen to have a calm and soothing ambience, this combination is perfect. If you want to check out this combination for yourself, try out our Crisp Green  (NP BGG 1613 P) and Little Angel (NP N 1824 P)

Bold Red and White 

red and white colour combinations for kitchen-nippon paint

The colour combination of red and white is a standout option for anyone looking to create a vibrant kitchen. The colour science behind this palette is simple. Red is a colour that increases appetite and instils feelings of enthusiasm and energy. You can create a pleasing contrast by selecting red as the primary colour and balancing it with white cabinets and countertops. However, use red sparingly because too much of it might create an intense atmosphere. Check out our Sashay Red (NP R 1260 A)  and Whispering White  (NP OW 1001 P) to see how a good shade of red and white can transform your cooking space. 

The choice of the ideal colour combination is significant for Indian kitchens, as cooking is an integral part of its culture. Hence, it is necessary to choose the best kitchen colour combination for an Indian kitchen. A well-thought-out colour scheme can transform the kitchen into a vibrant and inviting space. Consider the individual style and pick the colour combination that aligns with it. 


Now you don’t have to break your heads on which colour you want your cooking space to be, that’s why we’re here. With Nippon Paint, not only do you get a wide range of colours but also assistance when it comes to picking out the colour for your beloved kitchen. You can now use the Nippon Paint Colour visualizer app to visualize what your home will look like with “THAT colour” you liked the most.

Colour Visualizer can paint around objects, preserving shadows and texture while giving a realistic impression of what the Nippon Paint colour would look like in your home. 

Simply upload or take a photo of your room and start exploring the 1,000 available Nippon Paint colours and get started with PAINTING! 


Which colour combination is best for the kitchen? 

The choice of colour combination for the kitchen largely depends on each individual’s preference. However, the best colour combinations that never go out of style are shades of orange, red, brown, yellow, and beige. Using these colours would create a warm and welcoming vibe. Experts claim that red boosts appetite and makes up for an ideal kitchen wall colour combination. 

What colour kitchen is the most popular?

White kitchen is the popular choice of many house owners. It is an evergreen option to create a spacious and brighter appeal for kitchens. It is versatile and can adapt to any design style. You could add any element to the white kitchens. It brings an elegant and classy look to the space and remains the favourite option for many.

Which colour is best for an Indian kitchen? 

Classically Indian kitchens are best suited for warm and earthy shades like beige, brown or even shades of yellow and orange. It reflects our heritage and evokes a sense of warmth and comfort. These colours also complement the vibrant spices and ingredients used in Indian cooking. These tones create an inviting vibe to the kitchen, which is highly significant in Indian households.

Which colour is good for a modular kitchen? 

When it comes to modular kitchens, hues of blue and green are ruling the kitchen colour charts. However, the classic darker tones like black would also give a stylish look that the modular kitchen needs. Current trends also consider rose gold and pastel colours for the sophisticated appearance of modular kitchens. 

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