A make over to your house is as important as taking a break from mundane life. Exterior wall paint create the first impression in anyone’s eyes. To have attractive exterior walls, choosing the right colours, techniques, and combination of colours is important. While it is advisable to renew exterior wall paint every year, during this time of pandemic, it may be difficult for many people. Nippon Paint India has come up with budget solutions to make your exterior walls super impressive.

The following are some of the tips followed by our experts at Nippon, that may be of great use to you.

Exterior wall Paint ideas

Plan ahead

Planning is essential for two reasons. One, the local weather has to match the month chosen to paint and avoid mother nature spoiling your plans. The other reason is that exterior wall painting requires preparation like working on repairs, choosing colours, list of things to buy, etc. Reach our experts at Nippon Paint India for expert guidance.

exterior paint

Prep the walls

Paint does not stick to uneven walls. It is necessary to scrape the old paint, dust, and any sediments on the walls before using the new exterior wall paint. It is also important to use primer before using the actual paint for it to adhere to the walls.

Exterior wall paint ideas

Gather necessary materials

A rough list of required materials for exterior wall painting include paint brushes and rollers of different sizes, scrapers, sandpapers, protective gear like gloves, old clothes/rags, paint thinners/brush cleaners, masking tapes, tarpaulins and sheets to cover the floor areas, etc. These are the basic requirements, and some extra tools will be needed, depending on the kind of painting undertaken.

Exterior wall paint color

The actual painting

Combining cans of exterior wall paint in a larger container ensures the same shade is used all over the walls. Painting from top to bottom solves the dripping issue as it can be camouflaged while moving from top to bottom. If you are painting floors or steps, adding a bit of fine sand helps in maintaining traction. Find out exterior wall color ideas for 2021 here.

Nippon Paint India is here to help you choose the right exterior wall paint. Our experts get the job done in no time, saving you effort and time. While these tips come in handy for your DIY project, our experts add their finesse to the exterior wall painting.

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