Home paint colours are the most crucial decisions in any house design. It is a choice that will stick around for at least a decade, and your home painting colour ideas tell a lot about your personality. While some people go for comfortable and safe choices, a lot of them have become more and more experimental these days. The trends keep changing, and most of the homeowners look to stand out in their choice of home painting colour ideas.

These are some of the facts you should not miss about home painting colour ideas.

house painting colour choices

Paint colour can make a room look spacious

If you have a narrow lane in a room, choosing warm tones makes it look more spacious. If a room is not square, using warm tones in the narrow end makes it more spacious and squarish. While emotional aspect of the colour stays primary, house painting colour choices can define how spacious a room looks. For example, a warm white tone in a narrow space can make it look wider.

Interior wall colour of accessories in the room

Colour of accessories in the room

If you are repainting an old space, or if you have all the necessary furniture and other accessories to the room, find colours that complement them. House painting colour choices should be holistic, and not simply based on walls and favourite colours. This keeps the theme in check, rather than the furniture standing as the odd one out in a room. For instance, rainbow theme can be followed by using a few colours on the walls, and the rest in furniture.

light highlights warmer tones wall paint ideas

Lighting can alter the look

Sunlight can make a cool tone look warm. Tube lights and bulb reflect on the paint colours differently. Sunlight brings out the true colour of the paint. To ensure the right tone is chosen for the side that is exposed to natural light, it is ideal to have a test patch and observe it throughout the day from bright to dim natural light. This keeps uncertainty away, and helps you retain the perfect home painting colour ideas. For instance, fluorescent lights in a room highlight blue tones more than others. Incandescent light highlights warmer tones like Caramel Twirl (NP AC 2140 A).

Textures add more dynamics interior wall

Textures add more dynamics

Plain walls are boring. Texture painting is the fad, and it is here to stay. Having one textured wall against three plain walls is a game changer, as it highlights the contrast both in texture and house painting colour choices. This is also a chance to make the room more vibrant and colourful. Textures are great for larger spaces, as it is easier to take note of them. For instance, a textured wall with a bright hue can be used in contrast with lighter tones on the other walls.

Red Purple home painting colour ideas

Keep in mind the function and mood of the room

A space like living room will contain people at all times, and is a space that all the guests would definitely see. Such a place has to be bright and inviting, whereas a space like bedroom is more private, and the people residing can choose any home painting colour ideas based on their personalities. For instance, high-energy areas can carry warm and bright tones like Red Purple (NP PB 1407 A), while an area meant for relaxing can carry a cool or neutral tone like Rare Talent (NP N 1927 T).

Creamy White Nippon paint wall color ideas

Choose a colour scheme

Different areas can look different in terms of home painting colour ideas, but there should be a common colour scheme among them. The best way to find what would suit your space is to look at the most preferred colour in other aspects like furniture and clothing. These tell the subconscious colour choices you popularly make, thus indicating what scheme you should lean towards.

For instance, if blue seems to be the most commonly found colour in your house, find a tone that would complement that or stands in contrast like Creamy White (NP OW 1016 P).

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