The yellow of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) mascot can be recognised from any corner. The team has gone way beyond just a sporting group, but rather have millions of die hard fans who would do anything to show their support. With a new season of IPL at our doors, painting your homes yellow is one step ahead in the right direction. The yellows and golds not only showcases your morale towards the team, but also helps in giving your interior wall paints a unique and spirited appeal.

CSK Yellow Interior Wall Paint

Yellow Behind the Greys

With Nippon Paints exclusive CSK Yellow, it has now become easier than ever to paint your dream home. Paired with a grey-green combo, the yellow truly stand out of the crowd making the space lively and energetic. The ridges one the wall give way for shadow to form bringing character to the space. Yellow also being a primary hue, it goes well with most colours making it an easy fix. Add in some biophillia and the space will never fail to come to your aid on a tedious and tiresome day. The colour in itself has the ability to bring joy and delight to your homes making everyday a good day.

Roaring Yellow

Walls are not the only things you can paint. Why not extend your passion to the stairs and floors as well. With painted archways and mild greys to bring balance to the space, it makes a bold statement throughout. The differentiation on the walls, where in the yellow from the ground up concludes right before the grey takes over, is a perfect example of maintaining a certain flow thought your home. Extending the strip of paint across the floor plate will ensure a rhythmic consistency of colour as well as in portraying your support for the team.  

Textures and Surfaces

Wall paint designs are all about finding the perfect balance between the right colours and textures. With CSKs hues in play, the yellow and gold of the team can be brought into the place using various textures and surfaces. The same yellow will look brighter on a smooth wall as compared to one with ridges making it fade from gold to yellow as in their jersey. The light reflecting of the walls makes the room glow with yellowradiating power and confidence. It is a sure shot way of ensuring your loyalty towards the team while not compromising on creative ways to make your home unique and youthful. 

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