How to choose the right home paint colour for you

Be it in colours or varieties, the commercial paints have evolved a lot in both interiors and in exteriors. The painting colours and the type of paints you choose vary depending on the ambience you would like to have in your home. If you want your home to have a unique look & to stand out from the crowd, then look out at colour palette to choose paint colour for living room, choose paint colour for bedroom and other rooms. Besides, choosing the best home paint colour that suits your home is the first thing you are supposed to do. So, to simplify the process of choosing the best interior and exterior paints we have given you a set of instructions that works well with the current trend.

Colour Palette Research:

basic research

You can anyway pickup your desirable shades of exterior paint colours & interior paint colours unless there are any specific requirements to choose paint colour for home. When there is a need for special colours concerning external factors like climate and pollution, you should research with colour palette for your home with respect to the external factors and how it affects each colour on the colour wheel (a simple process of using the colour wheel and co-relating various colours) to get the best interior paint colour and exterior paint colour that suits your taste and goes well with the climatic condition.

For a subtle look:

Subtle Look To Choose The Best Home Paint Colour For You

If the requirement of interior paint for housing is subtle, it is preferable to avoid the top colours and have a monochromatic approach. The colour shades on the colour palette like lavender, yellow, pink, blue add a subtle and calm feel to the interior walls & exteriors in the home. For example, you can opt from the variety of dark blue shades that seems pleasant to your eyes and then go for a lighter shade of the same colour scheme to enhance the subtle look.

For an elegant look:

Elegant Look To Choose The Best Home Paint Colour For You

If you want to have an elegant interior look at your home, then it is preferable to restrict your colouring options to neutral shades. Several neutral shades are available in each Nippon Paint store near you like Garnet, Rust, Almond, and Mahogany. These colours make your room look elegant, give an earthy feel yet mild and sober. In addition to this, the lighter shades can project the room’s space wider.

For a vibrant look:

Vibrant Look To Choose The Best Home Paint Colour For You

A fun-loving person would go for a vibrant look and if you are one among them, then the painting options which suites are Red, Dark-purple, Gold, and Orange. When it comes to a vibrant interior look, the colour combination of black with red always gives you a good result in painting and a multi-oriented feel inside the living room. To experience more colour combinations, you can choose two paint colours from the colour wheels (next to each other) to come up with a dynamic exterior paint colour.

For a mixed view:

Mixed View To Choose The Best Home Paint Colour For You

Some people like to portray their large rooms as small & compact rooms as large rooms. If you are one among them and searching for a painting solution to achieve the above-mentioned duplications, then here come the options. Painting one wall on a shade darker than the remaining walls of the room gives you a compact look and brings a unique appeal to the rooms. In contrast, painting a lighter shade on a wall of the room can make a compact room look big.

For the ceilings:

Ceilings To Choose The Best Home Paint Colour For You

Painting only on the walls nevertheless makes someone feel unique about your home and so it is mandatory to paint on the ceilings as well. The ceiling paint not only makes your home looks beautiful also they portray the ceiling’s height (alternatively) depending on the paint colours. To visualize a high ceiling as low, paint it on the shades which are comparatively darker to the walls of the room. On the other hand, you can visualize a low ceiling as high by painting on a lighter tone; while your walls are painted dark.

Eco-friendly paints:

Eco-friendly Paints To Choose The Best Home Paint Colour For You

The odour which comes off from the interior and exterior paints (after getting dried on the walls) is due to a chemical named Volatile Organic Compound. When the Paints with VOC are applied on the walls or exteriors, they expel a cancer-causing agent called Carcinogen and is hazardous to health. Considering this, we at Nippon Paint have come up with ultra-low VOC – the eco-friendly paints which protect from several illnesses associated with the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound).

Multiple variations of paint colours are available at our Nippon Paint retail outlets, such as subtle, vibrant, and elegant and are manufactured with low volatile organic compound concentrations. You can get your desired paint colour near you from your nearby Nippon Paint dealers.

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