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If you are one of the person who loves to paint, have you had a desire to paint on wooden furniture? If the answer is “yes” then congrats, you have landed in the place where you can get to know the exact paint coating methods and can fulfil your desires in painting on wooden furniture. On the other hand, if you have tried painting on wooden furniture earlier and that got to end up bizarre; don’t wind up your desires! Even the professional painters struggle to paint on wooden furniture at times. To end up your struggles on how to paint the furniture (wooden) precise, we have given you the set of procedures to be followed during the painting process.

Steps to Paint Wooden Furniture:


Cleansing your wooden furniture plays a vital role in painting as it removes tiny soot and grimes. The specks of dust on wooden furniture result in reducing the adhesion between the paint and furniture. Powder cleansers remove the grimes with greater accuracy, and you can buy these cleansers in the paint shops. The cleansing process is further classified as sanding and stripping.

i. Sanding:

wood painting ideas

It is the process of removing scratches on the corner and joints of the furniture. As a result of sanding, wooden furniture’s surface gets roughened, and it easily grabs the paint.

ii. Stripping:

stripping remove existing paint or stickers wooden furniture

Stripping is done to remove the existing paint or stickers on any part of wooden furniture.

Adhesion Test:

adhesion quality on wooden furniture

Once the sanding and stripping process is completed, check the adhesion quality on your wooden furniture. To do this, apply primers on the surface of your furniture. As soon as the primer dries on your wooden piece, make sure it has adhered to the surface without bubble formations.



After the adhesion test is carried out, try to dis-assemble your wooden furniture completely. Some of your wooden furniture would be hard to dis-assemble; in such cases, you could remove only the joints that are connected by the screws. Dis-assembling enables you to paint in every joint and corner of your furniture. Once you finish the painting process on the dis-assembled wooden parts, allow it to dry and then re-assemble it again.



If the piece of wooden furniture has mould, then you must trim the feathers of your paintbrush. If this trimming process is not carried out, you can end up splitting the paints into other parts of your wooden furniture; where you need to apply some other colours.

First Coat:

first coat painting on wooden furniture

Always begin your painting process with a minimal amount of paint. While painting, move your rollers with even pressure and proceed it in the same direction throughout the process. In addition to this, make sure that you have applied first coating on edges and never pour paint on cavities. If your wood furniture paint colours are either brown or black, you should be more careful while painting because dark colours spoil the entire aesthetic look of your wooden furniture; if painted inappropriate.

Once the entire first coating process gets finished, let the paint dry for a period of 60 to 120 minutes. If you find any spots that you have missed during the drying process, don’t hurry, fix it on the second coating. If your wooden furniture looks saturated after the first coat then it is an in-direct indication that you have painted perfectly.

Second Coat:

second coat painting on wooden furniture

Almost all your painting works get completed on the first coating itself. The purpose of the second coat is just to make sure the wooden furniture looks even all over the surface. During the second coating, apply paints only on the places where it is diminished.

To simplify the thoughts on how to paint furniture precisely, and which type of paint to be used; we at Nippon Paint provide you many wooden furniture paints like Cleartone, Wood Magic, and Melamic. Each of our paints has a unique property in it; such as Cleartone has resistant to the UV rays, Wood Magic has less lead content, and Melamic provides you glossier look. In addition to this, we also track your aesthetic sense from time to time, so we can innovate many new wood furniture painting colours to provide you the best colours from the market.

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