Beautifying our homes with splashy hues are a trend these days adding pops of colour to your crash pad. Farmhouse themed spaces collaborate well with dazzling yellow painted on your walls. The yellow hue absorbs light energy and is seen as a colour of happiness, glory, warmth and wisdom.

A light-filled breakfast nock is great for a sweep of yellow adorning your walls. Decors with turquoise and light orange complement this space with a modern twist to an otherwise traditional room. It adds another dimension to the room with a soft touch of whimsiness.

Patterned yellow walls on one side ensure that the space is vibrant and restful. It can be more like a neutral when used with brown undertones. You can also vary the saturations of yellow in your kitchen space for a summery feel that is not overly bright. Electric yellow can add a rustic element to your hall when placed on either side of the fireplace. Yellow glaze can give your guest rooms a translucent look and chippier tones of blue and muted red in them duplicate the seaside beach theme.

Yellow walls can make any living area trendy, yet timeless. Vintage styled furniture in yellow spaces creates a warm and inviting feel. One of the greatest qualities of this colour is its tendency to gel well with almost any colour, thus, paving way for multiple home décor ideas and themes.

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