Floral Patterns

Dominating floral patterned walls acts as a focal point in any living space that is modern with white walls, marble flooring and beaded chandeliers. Smaller bathrooms and wall spaces above chair rails are few places where repeating floral patterns can be used. From dark to softer tones, the floral print can take on several forms.

A statement wall with pink flowers and the black background is a great opportunity for a large-scale exhibit type look. Flowers might be a traditional element but today, modern spaces look bolder with flower trends. A mosaic patterned flower with orange hues can mimic a painting on the wall. A whimsical room can be created with florals, butterflies and green plants adorning your walls with a rustic swing hanging from the ceiling. Black and white floral artwork beckons visitors to a sophisticated bedroom space. Banana plants and Brazilian palms can also be etched on walls for a better impact.

Choose items of décor that complement the floral print and does not compete with it. Blue-green leaf patterns imitate a jungle motif and tropical sceneries which give out a striking statement. Hand-drawn prints from illustrative articles of the 1800’s can help you portray stories of the past on your walls. This depiction of our cultural roots on accent walls honouring our godfathers would definitely leave an impression on your guests and family. Only a few examples have been explained in this article. Taking notes from it and checking out some trendy and fashion-forward floral patterns online; decide on what suits best for you.

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