Neon Colours

Summers inspire us to incorporate neon colors in your interior decor to give our home a trendy designer look. Neon artwork works well with neutrals and is preferred mostly for dining rooms. A mix of traditional and contemporary styles make a statement for your guests on your bold and unapologetic personality.

Break up the monochromatic patterns and experiment with neon colours before decorating any room. Neon pinks can be used as artworks on walls or screens to accentuate a room’s ambience. The punch of color evokes an eclectic feel to your living space and bachelor pads could use these pops of neon red for a masculine and sophisticated look. A bold neon artwork inspired wall works well with neutral colored furnishings will surely amaze your visitors.

Neon blue brings character to a space and neon green painted on ceilings is a great complement to an all-white side wall. The striped effect with neon yellow and pink can help you change the boring design in your room. Focal walls in your hall with neon orange creates a stark contrast with metallic paintings that are hung on them. This swanky modern loft lets the neon shade shine without being too over-the-top. Redesign your kitchen space with sleek red and orange colours that coordinate with your marble slab and dining space. It gives an inviting yet chic look for our home guests who spend a considerate amount of their time at your dinner table. In the same way, each and every space in your home influenced by the neon colour scheme can be redesigned to suit your taste.

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