With the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our houses are turned into workspaces where we tend to spend long hours working and collaborating online. Being confined to a close environment without connecting with nature has largely affected productivity and overall mental health of humans around the world. Considering this impact, the overall theme of the best interior wall makeovers is focused on creating a space where we can relax, recharge and feel comfortable. To feel the connection with the external environment a lot of warm serene colour hues from soft pastel tones to serene blues greys to create a calmer base colour is trending as interior wall paints along with the extremely bright interior wall paint colour hues that add more pop and cheerfulness to the interior wall makes over. Other than colours, air-purifying paints are also getting noticeable traction due to the pandemic situation.

Ultimate Grey and Illuminating yellow color Wall paint

Ultimate Grey and Illuminating yellow: The union of interior wall paint colours the ultimate grey and illuminating yellow is a warming and optimistic combination that showcases strength and positivity. These interior wall paints offer a much deeper feeling of something sunny and friendly from the external world colours.

Best Earthy colors interior paint

Earthy colours: After spending much of our time indoors, people are craving from some quality outdoor time and are painting their homes with rich interior wall paint colours that are seen in the nature. The colour of the interior wall paints that people are gravitating towards are deep greens and blues, chocolate browns and burnt rust.

Neutral colours as interior wall paint

Neutral palette: With neutral colours as interior wall paints, nothing much can actually go wrong. These internal wall paint colours offer a minimalistic look with a very simple aesthetic to the indoor environment to give the occupants a pleasant feeling.

Pastel indoor wall paint color

Pastel palette: With the chaotic external environment, more and more people are seeking a more serene indoor wall paint colour that induces a happy and uplifting feeling. The indoor wall paints with colours like oyster, chalk, cream, oatmeal, soft sky blues and celadon greens offer the soothing outlook that many people are seeking.

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