Enamel paints are soft paints used to coat various surfaces for their longevity and increase their aesthetics. Every surface absorbs paint differently, and the same applies to enamel coating as well. However, Nippon Paint India has come up with a simple solution – enamel paints that work on multiple surfaces!

There are various enamel paints usually for metals, wood, masonry surfaces, etc. They are oil-based and are meant to dry quickly. Nippon’s enamels are environment friendly and are safe enough to be used for residential purposes.

Enamel Paint

Satin enamel

Nippon’s satin enamel is your one-stop solution for different surfaces including metals, wood, masonry, etc. While these enamel paints can be used both interiors and exteriors, they provide a smooth finish, as the name suggests. The satin finish not only lasts long, but also makes the surfaces washable and easy-to-clean. This durability allows usage on any paint shade, dark or light as it blends easily.

Wood Finish paint

Bodelac enamel

If you are looking for high gloss in minimum number of coats on any surface like wood, metals, or masonry, Nippon’s Bodelac enamel paint should be your go-to. Since it does not contain any heavy metal components like lead, chromium, or cadmium, they are safe to use and environment friendly. It can also be used interiors and exteriors.

wood magic paint

Wood magic

Are you looking to renew the look of your existing furniture? Fear not, when there is Nippon’s Wood Magic enamel paint. Specifically designed for wood surfaces, the aim is to enhance the natural look of wood, and retain their beauty for a long period. Its flexibility provides enhanced glossiness to wooden surfaces. Forget getting rid of furniture that look old. Give them a refreshed look with Nippon’s Wood Magic.

In a country with adverse climatic conditions like India, enamel paints offer durability to indoor items and protection from the climate outdoors. Paints leave brush marks on surfaces, which is corrected with even coating from enamel paints. Nippon paint India stands out in the fact that all our enamel paint products can be used on multiple surfaces. If you are unable to decide on which product to choose, feel free to reach our experts at Nippon Paint India, who are ready to let you make informed decisions. We also have expert teams to get the enamel paints done indoors and outdoors faster than you can imagine.

Nippon Paint India offers every shade you require to execute even complicated interior wall painting designs like murals and stencil designs.

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