Interior design is about curating an experience. A home is a space that tells a story and speaks volumes about ones personality. A major portion of our interiors, irrespective of our demographic, happens to be surrounded by and within the bounds of vertical facades. Interior wall design is an integral part of ones life whether we acknowledge it or not. Considering the amount of time we spend confined within these walls, especially since COVID times, it has come to determine our behaviour and temper like nothing else. Carefully curating and developing the inside of our homes has become a must. Interior wall Painting design has come a long way from where it began and has developed various characteristics though its journey. The design elements we are looking at now are not just about appearances, but the narrative and quality it represents.

Bright yellow twinkle into your eyes

Statement Corners

A burst of colour in an otherwise neutral wall will always bring a smile to your face. A home is meant to give you a sense of joy in this fleeting life that we live. A design that makes you feel merry even when it’s not time for Santa Claus to come bearing gifts or a space that fills you with light even during the months where Diwali is a far fetched dream, is the space you want to call home. A bright yellow or red or blue that brings character into the room and a twinkle into your eyes is what a house into a home.

wall that exudes colour and joy

A Moment in Play

Having interior wall paint designs that capture a feeling through its multitude of elements and colours is something to look forward to at the end of a monotonous stressful day. Coming home to a wall that exudes colour and joy can lift anyones mood. It fills you with a boost of enthusiasm that seemingly never ends. In todays day and age, where there’s barely anytime to stop and rest,with the world in constant rigorous motion, a splash of unexpected colour is the best medicine to help you cross over.

Geometric Digs true essence of your dream home

Geometric Digs

A plain white wall with singular elements speaks volumes about a space. A simple line or a circle is sometimes adequate enough to showcase the story within. It throws light on specific sections of your home making it all the more desirable. Using shades that compliment one another with the right selection of furniture can bring out the true essence of your dream home.

green textured walls

Bold and Beautiful

Making a statement is what the year 2022 is about. A bold colour that stands out from any corner of the house, that talks about the personality of the owner, is what is most sought out for. It tells the story of power and prestige and gives your home a daring and eye-catching look.

Brown and grey gives a certain edge to the space

Neutral Complex

An earthy home with neutral tones brings in positive energy into your home. Interior wall paint design that experiments with browns and greys is something that instills conversation. It gives a certain edge to the space. Be it sustainability or promoting a lifestyle, it’s the starter pack to leading an acetic laid back life in the modern era.

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