Every new venture is one of excitement and opportunity. Painting your home is a major milestone too. It brings with it joy and a fever of enthusiasm; an occasion to celebrate the possibility of getting to colour your walls with the essence of you.

Submerged in a wave of hues and shades, it is common that you completely pour yourself into choosing the right colours that you forgot a few other equally important factors. Paint type is one such field that is left out till the end. Yes, the colour you pick is paramount but it has no value if the choice of paint is not the right one. From the many existing paint types, water based enamel paint is one of major value to help preserve the novelty of your home for years to come. As the name suggests, the paint utilises water solvents as one of its main components, and as always, gives your home a clean and neat look. Here are a few benefits of water based enamel paint to guide you through the process.

Water Based Enamel Paint

Sheen and Colour

Being a water based enamel, this paint type, though low in sheen when compared to oil based paints, has the ability to last longer. This, therefore, is more affordable and economic for those who are looking for a long term solutions. As most people look at repainting as an investment, this is the perfect solution to have an effective mild sheen, longer lasting paint, coating your walls. As water based enamel paints are also available in a full range of colour options and is not bound to yellowing, unlike few other types, it is, overall, a well rounded, economic and satisfactory option to go by.


Being damage resistance with a high degree in fending off yearly wear and tear, water based enamel paints are durable by nature. They are also more flexible than oil based paints as they do not become harder with time while preserving the ability to tolerate moisture.


Water based enamel paints are known to absorb more humidity and moisture than any other type, as mentioned earlier. Due to this property, the paint is also more tolerant towards damp surfaces and therefore does not require a complete drying out of the wall before its application, saving you a lot of time.

Application Area

Water based enamels have a very minimal amount VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and hence does not have any trace of harsh odours. Having said that, it can be used for both the interiors and well as the exteriors of your home as it also comes with a high level UV resistance. Bring moisture resistant, it has the ability to withstand various weather conditions while maintaining its overall look and appeal.


These paint can be applied easily and is simple to clean as well as all it requires is water which can be used to wipe of stains. Containing minimal VOC, the smell attached to it is also very mild and barely noticeable. Usually being touch dry in 20-30 minutes and recoatable within the span of two hours, it reduces the wait time making the process much faster, leaving you with a happy and safe home in no time.

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