Furniture are long-lasting household items and require constant care. No house wants to discard furniture because they have gone unusable in a short period of time. Classic furniture like sofa, coffee tables, cupboard doors, etc., are better made of wood and they are a part of almost every household. Metal surfaces like railings and handles wear out quite quickly because of regular handling and usage. Painting wood furniture is the primary care to preserve them.

How does one ensure they are cared for regularly? What products are suitable to maintain their aesthetics and quality? Wood painting and metal painting are specifically designed for these products and create an ancient charm while used on the materials. This step has to be done regularly because wood and metal are susceptible to natural damages and have to maintained healthy.

The following are some of the products that help preserve wood and metal furniture.

Satin enamel Multiple surfaces Wood painting

Satin enamel

Satin enamels are used on multiple surfaces both interiors and exteriors. They work the best on wood surfaces as they result in a soft shiny finish. Wood painting requires finesse of the material of the product and that is exactly what satin enamel offers. Satin surfaces are resistant to water and other alkali making it the right material to be used in painting wood furniture.

Nippon Paint India’s Satin Enamel ensures uniform coating on all surfaces and can achieve darker shades with minimum coating. This means, it can be used on any shade of wood for long lasting presence.

Nippon Paint wood painting ideas

Synthetic enamel

Enamels offer shiny finish on any surface. Metal painting and wood painting are often accompanied with shiny finish. Synthetic enamels are used in wood painting ideas and metal painting to protect them from fungal settlements. Since they provide with a glossy finish, the metal and wood surfaces attain a new luxurious look after painting.

Nippon Paint India’s Bodelac enamel is a synthetic enamel specially curated for high shine on multiple surfaces including wood and metal.

Polyurethane finish for shiny wood and metal surfaces

Polyurethane finish

Professional painting services work on strict schedules without compromising on the quality of service. Faster turn-around time, and keeping customers well-informed on the progress of the painting services. With well-planned and well-structured process in place from the beginning, including the free colour consultation, completion of work is never delayed with direct services from professional painting services.

While there are products for shiny wood and metal surfaces, furniture pieces like chairs may require matte finish. a polyurethane finish can be used for both matte and glossy finish, depending on the furniture. This chemical is tough and elastic at the same time, ensuring prevention of scratches on the surfaces. This can be used both on interior and exterior wood furniture, and protects from daily cleansers as well.

Nippon Paint India’s Cleartone PU wood is specifically designed for wood painting, built as a two-pack product for perfect finishes.

Another product specifically designed for wooden surfaces is the one-pack polyurethane finish called the Wood Magic. If you want a quick fix for your classic furniture, this should be your pick.

Solvent-based products

If you are looking for a fast solution to protect your furniture from stains and scratches, solvent-based products are the most effective. Painting wood furniture with these products are quick and ensures basic protection from every day damages that may be incurred.

Nippon Paint India’s Melamic is a super-hit product for preserving classic furniture. It’s solvent-based and intensifies the aesthetics of the wood and metal surfaces.

Wood and metal painting techniques seem simple, but the effort behind giving a flawless finish is massive. If you want to choose a wood painting idea, keep in mind the nature of the furniture, usage, and choose the wood painting product accordingly. Each of them carry unique properties, and one should keep in mind the result that they intend to achieve.

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