Colour combinations have been here for the last few years, and we are sure that it won’t go out of trend any time soon. Be it pastels or contrasting colours or complementary colours, colour combinations have to be the right and the best choices. While choosing the colours remains a battle on one side, there are some homeowners who are still hesitant to go with combination of colours. While monochrome is a safe choice, combination of colours accentuates the dynamics of the house and lets the house speak for itself.

If you are someone wondering if you should choose colour combinations for homes, and the right ones to choose, consider this as your ‘yes’ sign. We at Nippon Paint India have found the reasons why you should choose different wall colour combinations for your home, and we are pretty sure this list would convince you.

colour combinations for home 2022 nippon paint

They bring out your personality

Paint colours at home are a way to express oneself and show off their personality. A bold person would usually pick a bold shade like Raging Pink (NP R 1302 A) and a calm person would choose a pastel shade like Good Fortune (NP R 1307 P). This also shows how each person’s room could look totally different in the same house. Not just paint colours, but also additions like murals, wall papers, textures, etc., can add more beauty and dynamics to the walls.

Mood and ambience

One’s living room does not carry the same mood as the bedroom or nursery or dining room. Paint colours of the home determine the mood of the room. This is one of the main reasons why each room should carry different wall colour combinations. Room colour psychology is dependent on several factors including personality, gender, age, ethnic background, climatic conditions, etc. Colours like Ultra Green (NP BGG 1610 A) create a calm mood and relieves stress whereas a shade like yellow or orange creates a constant mood of joy and happiness.

Make a room look bigger or smaller

There are colours that can easily make a room look bigger or more intimate, depending on the colour combinations and schemes for the rooms. Lighter hues like white or off white like Swan Wing (NP OW 1017 P) open up a space and make them look larger. Darker shades like purple give a more intimate vibe to the rooms. The paint colour combinations should also be chosen based on whether the space is open or closed.

Furniture and other interior decors

Furniture in each room varies based on the purpose, and each furniture is of different colour. Some homeowners match the furniture and the wall colours, while some go for contrasting shades. This completely depends on the personality and the taste of the homeowners. Accent walls can play a major role in this situation, as it can stand out from both the furniture and the other walls. The final visual appeal creates a beautiful colour scheme for each room.

Lighting of the room

The kind of lighting of the room and how the colour combinations reflect in the particular lighting set up makes a huge difference to the whole look of the room. If there is a natural source of lighting, dark hues have less light reflection properties. If a corner like study area or nursery has to look well lit, light hues like pale yellow Palest Glow (NP YO 1256 P) would be a great choice.

Considering these reasons, it is vital that homeowners do not stick to monochromes through the house. Colour combinations are not just for the looks but have a whole set of reasons to stay in trend. If you are looking for more guidance, reach to our experts at Nippon Paint India, who would be more than happy to give customized suggestions.

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