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Let the good times roll with happy hues and the punch of colors gleefully glow your exteriors. Selecting the right kind of paint matters and it depends on where it goes, as well. When it comes to exterior walls, extreme weather conditions and pollutions can affect your home by penetrating the wall paints. What is lamination paint and how can it protect your exterior wall from such events?

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What happens to your house when you’re chilling inside? Under the blistering exposure to the burning sun, periodic soakings by the pouring rain – dampness, color-fade, cracks, and algae are some of the problems that damage the exterior walls that may end up bad if you’re not using an appropriate paint feature. Lamination paints are the ones that can protect your exterior walls from those external damages.

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Crackles and paint chips falling all the way affect the aesthetics of your house. When you scrape them out and paint again over it then it tends to leave those telltale signs for ages. Most house-owners are worried that if they haven’t built the house damp-proof or assuming interior painting didn’t come well. But that is with on-set of the monsoon, if you see your interiors with damp walls then it is from exteriors. Extreme weather conditions as such can cause unpleasantness. If you’re worried about those events then it’s good to go with the wall paints that have silicone lamination technology.

How Can A Lamination Exterior Paint Protect Your Home?

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Rain-resistance is one of the most required features that your exterior wall paint should have. That stops moisture seeping through the wall. Wall paints with no rain-resisting features can lead to eventual damages to the structure of the wall like cracks, flakes, stains, and peel-offs. Exterior wall paints with silicone lamination technology can protect the walls from such events.

How To Choose A Lamination Exterior Paint?

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Nippon Paint’s Weatherbond Advance Exterior Emulsion Paint is the silicone-powered lamination paint that bundles up with features like all-weather protection, dirt-pickup resistance, heat-ban, and ultra-low VOC. It reflects 90% of the sun-rays and helps reduce the temperature by 5°C that makes the interior cooler. Eventually, this is an environment-friendly and healthy paint that doesn’t emit harmful vapors and paint odors that leads to eye irritation, headache, nausea, etc.,

Not Sure How To Get Started?

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To get started with professional help on Weatherbond Advance lamination paint, you can always reach out to our toll-free at 1800-425-3636.

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