Painting a home isn’t just about choosing the right shades and decorating the space with trendy decor. It is also about giving the best finishing. When it comes to painting finishes, there is a plethora of options for you to choose from.

The shade of paint you chose might look entirely different after applying the paint finish which can be shiny or matte. Different opinions start pouring in from various people, making you even more confused.


If you think you are stuck with ample options and are seeking proper guidance, then this blog is just for you. This blog will give you some useful tips and insights on choosing the right paint finish. You might be painting your walls for the first time or be an expert in making your home appealing; with this blog, we will help you achieve a professional-looking finish that will make your space look beautiful.

Grab a pen and paper, make notes of the various paint finishes, and pick the best finish for your space.


This type of finish is predominantly well-suited for low-maintenance spaces like office rooms and waiting rooms because flat finishes are the hardest to maintain. Flat gives a no-shine look with a matte finish to your walls.

This kind of finish is best for interiors, ceilings, living rooms, & guest bedrooms. It is the best paint finish to hide imperfections on your walls. You can opt for a flat finish if you just want to conceal small cracks or bumps in your wall.

What you do need to keep in mind while choosing this finish is that the walls of the room should be free of high traffic. Because if you are going to clean the walls with a flat finish often, your walls might end up looking burnished. To know more, check out the Nippon Paint Vinilex.

High Gloss Sheen

high glass paint finish for home interior-bodelac high glass nippon paint

Being the preferred choice of most designers, a high gloss sheen provides a mirror-like elegant finish. It gives a shiny look to your walls. If you are painting your walls with dark, dull, and dim shades, give it a high gloss sheen finish as it can reflect light and make the walls look brighter and shiny. Mostly, when it comes to high gloss sheen it is advised to go with a specific wall or space as it has the standout feature.

This glamorous-looking sheen can be used for trims, doors, furniture pieces, and kitchens. On the downside, using a high gloss sheen throughout might make the overall look of your room overpowering. If there is a stain on your wall, with a high gloss finish you will have to work on the whole wall again. If you think high-gloss is the best paint finish for your walls then Nippon Paint BodelacEnamel is just for you.  


Semi-gloss sheen provides a subtle shine to your wall. Like a high gloss finish, semi-gloss too reflects light. Before using this, make sure that the wall has a soft surface because a rough one can look evident in a semi-gloss finish. They have high resistance to stains and can be easily cleaned. This type of finish can highlight the architectural detailing of your home.

Semi-gloss has the feature of making dark rooms appear brighter and well-lit. You can use semi-gloss for your kitchen cabinets, doors, trims, bathrooms, and even kids’ rooms. Nippon Paint Aqua Bodelac is a semi-gloss finish that gives a glossy and matte finish to your walls.  

Textured Finish

textured paint finish for home interior-nippon paint momento dzine

Textured finish elevates the plain-looking walls to look attractive and eye-catching. It provides a different feel altogether. The textured finish has the capacity to camouflage imperfections and rough surfaces. This type of finish is best for dry walls. Additionally, with the textured finish, you can ornate your walls with creative looks and make them look trendy and contemporary. Most people opt for the textured finish as it is low maintenance.

Textured finish gives a unique look and feels to your room and compliments the contrasting decors in the space. Looking for the perfect textured finish? Pick the Nippon Paint Momento Dzine for your walls. 



Knowing what type of finish your walls and space requires is crucial. Choosing the right finish is as important as picking the right paint. The above-listed paint finishes will complement your wall color to beautify your home.



What Paint Gives The Smoothest Finish?

Both semi-gloss and high-gloss give a smooth finish to your walls. Before applying the finish, make sure your wall isn’t rough or has any imperfections as semi-gloss and high-gloss accentuate the flaws on your walls.

What Is The Most Durable Paint Finish?

High gloss is the most durable paint finish. This type of paint finish can be cleaned easily and has reflective and glossy features to it.

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