A living room is the most occupied area in our homes. Seldom, we see our living room without human movement. It is the place where you entertain guests and loved ones, and it will be the centre point of attraction for your guests.

But if your living room is smaller, your guests may feel one too many in your living room. This can be mended by using suitable paint colors for small rooms and interior design ideas for small space that make your small living room look big.

1. Allow Sunlight


Allowing natural light in your living rooms enlarges the place and gives the illusion that the room is spacious. Using a mirror in your small living room reflects the natural sunlight and creates more visual depth to your living room.

2. Built in Furnitures and Shelves


The living room is the most used place in a house. So the shelves and furniture is a necessary in a living room. But, these furniture and shelves blocks the space and giving your living room a confined appearance. However, using inbuilt furniture and shelves without blocking the space will give your living room a larger look.

3. Lighter Colors


Choosing lighter colour shades for your small space living room projects it bigger than it is. These lighter colours can also reflect the accent lightings in your room. These colours have a tendency to fool your eyes by creating an optical illusion and make them look spacious than they actually are. Light colours are the best paint colours for small rooms.

4. Using Accent Walls


Accent wall in your living room is the first thing that grabs your attention. These walls break the monotonousness of your room, and it looks like a different space altogether from the rest of the living room. Especially, using your end wall as an accent wall and painting it with dark colours is a clever small living room idea.

5. Painting Hacks


Certain painting tricks in your living room look can make it look bigger. Stripes painted either vertically or horizontally create an optical illusion. Vertical stripes make your ceiling taller while the horizontal stripes make the eye continue horizontally and visually widen your small room. Painting your wall trim and mouldings in a lighter colour than your walls is an interior design idea for small space that makes your wall look further inside and shows your room bigger than it actually is.

6. Curtains


Curtains are one of the pivotal factors that determine your living rooms appearance. Lightweight curtains are always recommended for small space living rooms as it does not block or absorb the natural sunlight. Another clever interior design idea for small space living rooms is to use same colour curtains. As monochromatic curtains do not intrude the place and blends with your walls.

7. High Ceiling


Having high ceilings in your living room is having a fair amount of unused space over the 8-foot-high mark. This space will make your living room feel big and luxurious.

8. Minimal and Clever Decor


Not every inch in your living room has to be filled. Minimal décor in your small living room will provide more space for footfall and make your room look bigger. Also having high rise stands for your decors and furniture will make your floor visible, and even that adds to the bigger appearance of your living room.

9. Create a Focal Point


Creating a focal point in the centre of your living room will show the space much larger. Having a television in the centre of a plain and empty wall would make your room look bigger. The television grabs the attention and the empty space surrounding it will give a spacious appearance.

10. Using Proper Rugs


Rugs used properly in your small space living room makes the room look more spacious. Using one large rug makes a room look bigger instead of placing several small rugs. Place the large rug with equal spacing from the walls on all sides to create a visual illusion. Now let us know your ideas, on how you made your small living room look big.

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