Be it warm, cool, subtle, bright – bedroom is a space that is the most personal in a house. The interior wall paints for bedroom define the mood and exhibit the personalities of the homeowners. Considering the mood it should carry, energizing colours are usually avoided as interior wall paint for bedrooms.

Modern architectural and painting trends have gone way past the beiges and pinks for bedrooms. Without being whacky, there are some shades that can suit the Indian architecture taste and style, fitting right into the trend. Do you remember the childhood times when we decorated our bedrooms unveiling our inner selves? Now that you are an adult, use the following interior wall colour ideas for bedroom to unleash your inner selves.

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Blue, in general, is a calming colour. Indigo specifically is comforting and rich in nature. A shade like Dynasty (NP PB 1505 A) acts as the perfect catalyst to set a calm mood in the bedroom. This interior wall paint colour for bedroom can be paired with any colour ranging from white to brown to yellow or orange, proving it’s versatility. If you choose to go with the shade for all walls, pair it up with furniture in these colours.


If you are looking to maintain a cosy and intimate vibe in your bedroom, burgundy should be the choice of interior wall paint for bedroom. While a shade as bright as red can give off bright and warm vibes, Burgundy (NP R 1351 A) is here to save your day. It also carries an intense ambience, contributing to the best mood any time of the day. This space is great to experiment, and do it the burgundy way.

Sunray yellow

Feel joyful and warm every time you walk into the bedroom with Sunray Yellow (NP YO 1114 A). This hue is sure to lift your mood if you wake up in a not-so-great mood. Considering all this, we wonder why yellow was rarely seen in the bedrooms before. It’s 2021, and we are redefining shades and hues. Do it with yellow in your bedroom and let us know how you feel.


Violet is playful and fun. While these are not adjectives you would use for a bedroom, trust us when we say it is the best interior wall paint for bedroom. We are so certain because of its versatility, thus giving us space to experiment with any kind of furniture and room decors. A shade like Lazy Phlox (NP PB 1413 T) is definitely quirky and modern, uplifting the bedroom’s look.

Warm brown

Brown is an intriguing colour. Different shades of brown offer different vibes to the room. A caramel kind of shade brings out warmth and calmness to a bedroom, keeping intact the purpose of it. A shade like Pastry Puff (NP N 1843 T) blends into the morning light, providing the bedroom with a timeless look.

We all know and understand that bedroom is a highly private space, and one can experiment with it in many ways. Choosing an experimental interior wall paint colour for bedroom is not everyone would prefer, and that is why we came up with these amazing suggestions. If you are looking for more customized suggestions, reach to our experts at Nippon Paint India and create a unique space for yourselves.

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