Every shade and tint opens up a whole new world of wall paint design. Reinventing spaces and moulding them around our current demands, be it workspaces or living rooms, has taken a step forward, especially since the pandemic. Having a space that caters to your lifestyle and your surroundings creates a sense of calm and peace allowing us to get through the day rather cheerfully. Constantly innovating and coming up with new wall paint design ideas has now become a need rather than a want. Creating a space that fulfils your every desire to relax, snuggle, run and play while at the same time connecting you to the visible environment is the ultimate aim. Other than hues of pastel greens and bright sun kissed yellows, forms and textures have come to be a vital part of wall paint design. It brings in a certain charm and freshness into your home making it beautiful and unique.

Days of the Bohemian

Bringing back the chic free spirited aesthetics of the past is an upcoming trend among millennials. The hunter green textured walls brings out an elegant rawness within the space creating a serene yet powerful atmosphere. It showcases the possibilities of a tomorrow with experiences of the past.

Brown wall paint design ideas

Hues of Bronze

The richness of the browns can only be acknowledged in its warmth. A singular colour creating a minimalistic neutral palette is one of many widely experimented wall paint design ideas. The endearing light it casts on shades of its own, uplifting itself further, makes the space dynamic like no other.

colour theory and innovative wall paint design

Colour Theory

A concoction of complimentary colours makes even the deviant fit in in its mystifying arrangement. This lively mix of geometric patterns and colours juxtaposes that of a households monotony bringing in a sense of play and joy into the space. The extensive knowledge of colour theory and innovative wall paint design ideas is what brings the space together; helping find peace in an endless chaos.

the plain laid back walls creates the perfect balance

Mellow Facades

The contrast between that of the kaleidoscopic patterns with that of the plain laid back walls creates the perfect balance that is needed to dramatise the space. The blend of subtle copper, purples, whites and greens has taken the back seat and given way to the loudness of the patterns. With more and more people seeking to portray what truly sets them apart, this brew of passionate yet well rounded space gives them exactly what they’re looking for.

Pink wall paint designs

Play of the Pastels

The minimalistic nudity that the space provides is much sought out for in most present day interiors. The patch of pink compliments the simplicity of the white fabricating a certain gravity within the space. Th effortlessness and ease the space offers flows into the entire room forging it into something of a tranquil heaven. Minimalism having reached the podium of trends, it has become increasingly advertised and desired making pastels a major part of the much wanted guide to wall paint designs.

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