Bedroom – the most intimate and personal space in any household. Ever since the pandemic hit, work from home has pretty much meant wake up, log in, eat, sleep. For several of us, the cycle takes place in the bed itself. As popularly conceived, our ambience decides our mood, and here we are trying to help you with some of the best bedroom wall colour ideas.

The latest choices and recommendations around bedroom wall colour ideas are aimed at bringing out the best of both day and night. The colours are meant to provide comfort and energy at the same time.

Here are some of our favourite wall paint colour ideas for bedroom:


Let’s beat the morning blues with some blue walls, shall we? If you are looking for a subtle yet warm colour for a bedroom wall colour idea, blue is the way. While some prefer lighter shades like Nippon Paint’s Classical Blue (NP BGG 1581 D), the current trend lies in the darker shades like Nippon Paint’s Cool Wave (NP BGG 1594 P). Darker shades in blue create a warm, and sharp environment. This colour goes well with white furniture, and contrasting bedsheets in the room.


Ever wanted your bedroom to look as posh as a celebrity’s? Grey is the way to go. With mix of interior lighting and natural light, grey can reflect a bright personality during the day, and can act cosy and comfortable at night. Darker hues like  and Harrison Gray (NP N 1912 T) are the best to bring out the dynamics of your bedroom. This can either be complimented with furniture of different shades of grey or black.


The most commonly heard tip to deal with increasing screen time is to look at any shade of green to soothe the strained eyes. What better than have it all around you? Any wall paint colour idea should serve a purpose. Green is not just a hue, but a mood setter. Choose either Ultra Green (NP BGG 1610 A) to keep the environment natural and positive all the time. This colour goes well with beige or peach furniture and accessories in the room.


Purple is one of the most playful colours to suit the wall colour ideas for your bedroom. While it brings out the aesthetic sense, it also gives a modern touch to your bedroom. Choose Nippon Paint’s Purple Comet (NP PB 1414 A) for a classy touch or Vivaville  (NP PB 1409 T) for a royal touch. Compliment this look with both darker and lighter shade furniture, depending on your personality.


Burgundy has hopped on to the trend of bedroom wall colour ideas recently, and has taken over the hearts of people. While you can provide some contrast with lighter coloured furniture and bedsheets, burgundy stands out on its own and is sure to attract anyone’s eyes. Buy Nippon Paint’s Burgundy Drama Red (NP R 1288 A) to add this to your bedroom walls.White and off-white furniture and accessories add a beautiful touch to this colour.

While we have presented the most trending colours, there are definitely some other shades that almost made to the list and worth mentioning. Hues like (NP R 1267 A) Diva have been doing the rounds among bedroom wall paint colour ideas and have created a great impact in the ambience.

A bedroom is meant to reflect our innermost and deep personality. With the above-mentioned choices, choose from the various ranges of hues offered by Nippon Paint.

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