A colourful home depicts a happy household. Every room in the room has to emit positivity and joy. Wall painting colour combinations are one way to ensure interesting and fascinating interiors. Paint colours reflect the lifestyle and taste of the home owners. The choice of colour combinations for wall paint should be in such a way that it makes a statement to the visitors and guests. Each room has its own mood that has to be reflected in the colour combination.

Below are some of the wall paint colour combinations that are doing the rounds in 2021.

Deep Blue with neutrals interior wall

Blue with neutrals

Deep blue like Nippon Paint India’s Tremont Blue (NP PB 1519 A) goes well with contrasting neutral colours like Almond Chip (NP N 1831 P). This kind of contrasting wall paint color combination adds dynamic to the room, reflecting both boldness and calmness.

Pastel colour combinations

Pastel shades

Pastel colour combinations for wall paint reflect creativity and artistic vibes. Different pastel shades can compliment each other well and provide the rooms with a serene interior look. Combinations like Home Sweet Home Pink (NP R 1271 P) and Sweet Peach (NP YO 1215 P) are a great idea for any room.

Interior Modern Living Green Color

Shades of Green

Green is the colour of nature and is the most pleasing colour to the eyes. Wall paint colour combinations of the same colour is trending as it shows the versatility of colours and does not require much thinking to choose the perfect combinations. Greens like Nippon Paint India’s Lime Time (NP BGG 1673 A), Iced Kiwi (NP BGG 1615 P), and Going Green (NP BGG 1631A) can all be used on different walls of the same room.

While wall paint colour combinations are highly personal choices, our experts at Nippon Paint India recommend combinations along the lines of those mentioned above. These are not only trending, but also have the potential to stay timeless in the home. Combinations can also be quirky and unorthodox, if that reflects your personality. Choose from the array of colour choices from Nippon Paint India and use your walls as your canvas.

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