The Green Living Plan

Green homes are the result of the increased level of pollution and global warming. This broad topic covers the concept of Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Conservation of resources. The concept of green homes advocates on reducing the usage of new things and reusing the current ones. As such, incorporating the green home concept would help us to have a green and sustainable future. Furthermore, the green home would help us to cut all the expensive costs. All it requires is a little creativity of yours.


By purchasing the essential and adequate things, you can take your first step towards green home remodelling. Be a quality-lover rather than a quantity-lover. Regardless of whether you live in a new home or are just planning to restore the old one, bury away the wastes that you need no more. Stop spending too much money on things which you would consider as waste in the future.


The most ideal approach to guarantee the sustainable future to us and also a budget-friendly. The most compelling evidence is that six out of ten people in India who regardless of having a lot of interior décor stuff, run across more new décor items by spending surplus money and also cluttering the living space. The idea of reuse involves a little creativity. Instead of hanging some costly paintings, decorate the wall with your favourite family pictures.


Stick yourself to buy and use only the recycled products so that you can cut off your expenditure and also reuse the particular product. For your convenience, recycled and refurbished products with good quality are being launched in the market with a ‘recycle logo’. So when you are buying a coffee table in or a local store, look out for the ones with a recycle logo.

Conservation of Resources

Conservation of water and electricity is as important as breathing oxygen. Scientific studies reveal that we might have run of sufficient amount of these resources in the future.

Cut down the use of paper

 Not to forget, cutting down the paper use as much as possible with the help of e-gadgets would eliminate a pile of paper wastes in the long run.

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