Basic Colour theory

The Colour Wheel And Its Uses

Our world is full of colours. Everything we see, everything we eat, everything we use is full of colours. Colours play a pivotal role in our lives. Colours are very significant to make things look good. It is essential to understand the visual representation of colours. The colour wheel is probably the only thing we all came across in our schools. This colour wheel determines the combination and relationships of colours.

Primary colours

The primary colours in the colour wheel are red, blue and yellow. We get orange by mixing red and yellow; we get green by mixing blue and yellow; we get violet by mixing blue and red.

Secondary colours

Secondary colours can be made by mixing the primary colours together. Orange, green and violet are the secondary colours in the colour wheel.

Tertiary colours

Tertiary colours are the six different shades made by mixing the primary colour with the secondary colour. Red-violet and blue-violet are the examples of secondary colours.

Tint: The variation of the particular colour while mixing white with it.

Shade:The variation of the particular colour while mixing black with it.

Tone: The variation of the particular colour while mixing grey with it.

Every colour has a tint and shade. Once a basic colour gets selected, various version of the same colour family can be curated with ease. All we need to do is mix that specific colour with a neutral in order to get a lighter or darker shade. This is known as tint, shade, and tone in the interior design dictionary.Each and every colour has its own purpose to nurture our emotions. Some colours do exhibit positive energy and joy, some colours do convey peace and calmness. Warm colours are those which exhibit energy and joy. Cool colours are those which exhibit peace and pleasure.

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