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Nippon Paint AirCare VG Matt is an anti-formaldehyde interior emulsion that helps to create
safer and more hygienic indoor environment. This breakthrough product contains Unique
Absorbtion Technology – ( UAT) that continually absorbs harmful free formaldehyde from the
air and is embedded in Polymer backbone, resulting in clean fresh air. It is enriched with Silver
Ion Technology which gives superior Anti Bacterial performance and is effective against Virus*.
It is ideal for people who are allergic to formaldehyde and paint odour.


Unique Absorption Technology

Silver Ion Technology

Ultra Low VOC

Low Odour

Superior Washability
and Scrub Resistance


Can be applied for both interior and exterior walls

Does not emit harmful polluting gases

Makes the surface easier to clean


Maximum performance which is based on

Acrylic based emulsion

Environment Friendly

Trouble free cleaning of walls

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30 – 40% by volume with clean potable water.
Stir & strain well before use. Upto 20% by volume
with clean potable water for dark shades.


200-220 sq.ft/litre/coat
& 100-110 sq.ft/litre/2 coats
(Actual coverage is dependant on the
substrate condition, surface
porosity,method of application).


Smooth Mat


Can be used on interior and exterior surfaces.


 Dark shade may require additional coat for hiding


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Frequently Asked Question

Anti-bacterial paint is a type of paint that contains special substances to stop the growth of bacteria on surfaces. It helps to keep areas like walls and ceilings cleaner and healthier by reducing the spread of harmful bacteria. This type of paint is often used in places where hygiene is important, like hospitals, kitchens, and bathrooms, to help maintain a clean environment and prevent the spread of illnesses.
Sure! The Nippon Paint Airlite Aircare VG is a paint that has antibacterial properties. It contains special ingredients that can kill bacteria on surfaces where the paint is applied. This helps to keep areas like hospitals, clinics, kitchens, and bathrooms cleaner and healthier by reducing the growth of harmful bacteria. Using this paint can help maintain a sanitary environment and minimize the spread of illnesses.
Antimicrobial paint, like Nippon Paint Airlite Aircare VG, typically lasts for many years. Its durability depends on factors such as surface application, and wear and tear. Generally, antimicrobial paints offer long-term protection against bacteria, mold, and mildew growth. Adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines for application and upkeep helps maintain its effectiveness over time.
Reduces infection spread
Maintains hygiene
Enhances safety
Provides long-term protection
Ensures regulatory compliance

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