Nippon Momento is a Special Effect Paint that allows you to turn ordinary walls into Extraordinary Masterpieces’. Nippon Momento comes in three unique products that enable you to create luxurious textured finish on your walls.

Nippon Momento Elegant

Kindle the charm of Italy with enchanting textures.
Nippon Momento Elegant is formed with pigmented globules and rich colours to evoke the essence of the Italian renaissance.
Formulated with low VOC, it contains no lead, mercury, chrome or heavy metal.
Nippon Momento comes in a selection of top coat finishes: Momento Elegant; introduces a stylish impression to walls with a luxurious finish.

Nippon Momento Enhancer

Inspired by cool winter mornings.
Nippon Momento Enhancer series with a Glaze over favourite coloured walls to create Serene winter masterpieces of frost texture which comes in three variants:

  • Snow Frost
  • Pearl Frost
  • Gold Frost

Nippon Momento Dzine

An Unorthodox approach to Painting walls.
Nippon Momento Dzine brings you a paint base that allows you to create a plethora of Dzine patterns in a range of shades including metallic’s like Gold, Silver.
They are unique, letting your creativity shine through and allowing you to create an infinite number of patterns. Go ahead and bring perfection to your home.

Letting creativity reign! NIFT, Chennai students make waves with Nippon Momento paint.

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