One head twisting decision to be made while constructing a new home or revamping an old home is the selection of paint and colour combination on walls from the bundle of newly available wall colour combinations for living room, two colour combination for bedroom walls, dining room colour combinations and traditional house paint combination(colours). These paint combinations shall not only suit the exterior and interior; it should also be in the trend that will last in 2020 and further years. So, to wind up all your wall colour combination search, here we have given the best paint colour combination options & some of our best products for you to embrace your interiors in 2020.

Color Vision 20x21

Wall Colour Combination For Living Room

colour combinations

Green enhances the harmony and peace for its nature to echo the vibration of the natural world within the interiors. When mixed with purple, it is the best colour combination for living rooms. If at all you don’t possess the space for gardening at your home, these green walls will add on the splash of a forest experience in your living room.

Green can be fresh and subtle, at the same time, It’s the perfect & best colour combination for living room for those who find neutrals too boring. For a better experience, you could try our odour-free paint that brings clean, fresh air into your living room – Odour-less Aircare. To be more precise, with this best colour combination for living room, being at home you could feel sipping a tender coconut in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Suggested Color: Fantasy Green-NP AC 2110 A

Two Colour Combination For Bedrooms

colour combination for bedroom

Grey and cherry red, the two colour combination for bedroom walls can provoke your bedroom to be more sophisticated and spacious. This serene and elegant two colour combinations is the best colour combination for bedrooms that complement the interior decors; whether it is modern or vintage.

If you like to hang multiple art pieces on your walls, this grey along with a cherry red colour provides the best colour combinations for bedrooms, and it enhances each of your artwork being hung on walls. Grey is the popular neutral tone for every room in a home, but it is most suitable for the bedrooms to give a sound sleeping ambience. To make this desirable factor into reality, we have come up with a smooth finish economic paint– Nippon Paint Breeze.

Suggested Color: Lavender Gray-NP N 1896 T ; Knockout Red-NP R 1281 A

Dining Room Colour Combination

colour combination of room

Orange and turquoise are the two hues that are best fit for dining rooms in both compact and large houses. The colour orange, especially in the lighter shades is the best wall paint colour which keeps you alert when you dine, and is associated with warmth, stability, and comfort. Creating a better atmosphere for each person with great comfort and hospitality also helps in food digestion. If you wish to go for a dark shade of orange, then the dining room colour combination could be a mixture of beige and orange.

Suggested Color: Buffy Orange-NP YO 1206 T ; Adolescence-NP PB 1392 T

colour combination on wall

Having blue shades on the dining walls has been proven to reduce appetite & limit you from eating excess food. Apart from this, the colour Sky blue is associated with rest and freedom as well. That is being the reason for most of the restaurants to have blue interiors or shades of blue & serving plates.

Hence, we at Nippon Paint have manufactured a paint that is resistant to tea, coffee, and juice stains in your dining room – SPOT-LESS NXT, a specially-formulated acrylic emulsion paint.

Suggested Color: Night Dress-NP PB 1396 P

Playroom Colour Combination

living room colors combination

Every kid wants a playroom to spend their post evening time with their fellow neighbours. The colour choice to be made for this playroom is quite a tricky one. To a playroom, the vibrant colours on the walls like yellow and red can keep your kid pro-active.

For the distinctly designed walls, you can prefer painting with multi colours preferably with the two colour combinations of black and red in a zig-zag format throughout the walls. Along with this, you can add some cartoon themed texture paints on the sides of the walls to bring the livelihood in the playroom. Hence, we have come up with kids’ friendly, safe to touch ( Silver-ion Technology), and Anti-formaldehyde paint- Nippon Paint KIDZ.

Suggested Color: Yellow Mint-NP YO 1106 A

Two Colour Combination in Hall

colour combination in hall

The colour pink is not only associated with toys but to your surprise, this colour can also evoke peace in your home; when applied on the walls of your hall & it easily combines with other contrast colour shades on your ceiling like dark brown or grey.

If you wish to have the two colour combinations in hall, the colour pink with subtle grey is the best colour combination on the walls of your hall. Also, this combination would give a reflection of various shades on your hall when sunlight falls over it. To add more aesthetics and special effects to your wall and ceiling, we have manufactured a textured finish interior paint – Nippon Paint Momento.

For professional help in painting, you can reach out to Pro store, where you can find options to schedule the painting such as in the next 7 days or 14 days or in the stipulated time. To know the exact quantity of paint required to refurbish your home, you can use our paint calculator tool.

For other wide range of painting solutions, colours, and products, to refurbish your home in 2020 visit the colours section of our Nippon Paint website.

To identify the nearest Nippon Paint Store, you can click on the following link and find out the exact locality – Nippon Paint store near me.

Suggested Color: Strawberry Ice-NP R 1266 T

FAQ - Color Combinations

1. What is the best Colour combination?

  • Green.
  • Turquoise.
  • Buffy Orange.
  • Blue shades.

2. What two Colour combination is best for a living room?

  • Dark green and purple.
  • Pink and blue.
  • Grey and orange.

3. What two Colour combination is best for bedroom?

  • Grey and cherry red.
  • Orange and Navy blue.
  • White and Dark red.

4. What is the most relaxing colour?

  • Blue.
  • Pink.
  • Grey.


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