Silicone Lamination Technology

Our homes need protection on the outside even more than indoors. With the rise in road pollution, extreme weather conditions (whether rain or shine) and all the extra dirt and dust in our atmosphere, our homes are even more susceptible to peeling, staining, dirt, and the accumulation of colonies of bacteria, algae and fungi. Not exactly what you’d call a healthy environment!

Nippon Paint Weatherbond Advance

Nippon Weatherbond Advance is formulated to protect your home for a minimum of 9 years with special lamination technology. Aside from protecting your home against the elements, it maintains its appearance by having excellent resistance to flaking, efflorescence and alkali. It has a very high resistance to dirt, algae, bacteria and fungi, keeping your home healthy and beautiful for many years.

Lamination Technology

Using our special lamination technology incorporating silicone, it shields your home against all types of harsh weather, such as high temperatures and heavy rainfall, providing twice the toughness and durability of conventional paints.

Added to this, its Ultra-Low VOC formula protects and cares for the environment, and its superior quality allows it to shine in quality tests against competitors. It is a truly technologically-advanced exterior emulsion, allowing you to predict the unpredictable by protecting your home against any weather imaginable.

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