Our Innovations

Innovation to Enhance Lifestyle & Environment

We’re committed to our case of being a green, environment friendly paint company – so much so that we constantly innovate to stay ahead of our aspirations.

Air-Purifying Paint

Did you know that indoor air can be 5 times more polluted than outdoor air? As a decorative paint company we did what we could by creating paint that actually converts formaldehyde into water vapour.

Anti-Bacterial Technology

We make water based paints that have no added lead or mercury, are APEO free and with extremely low volatile organic compounds content. VOC’s are chemicals that vapourise into gases causing the odour and irritants present in most paints.

Silicone Lamination Technology

We do our best to protect the environment during our day-to-day processes – we’ve developed our own innovative ways to prevent pollution, reduce energy consumption and cut waste disposal costs.

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