Wall paint patterns and designs evolve constantly with every year we complete. Each trend has its own style and aesthetic, some that might go hand in hand with yours while others may not. Browsing though an entire dictionary of designs to find one that matches your taste can be a bit tedious. Here are a few home painting colour ideas to make your journey easy and fun. 

Attractive Wall Painting Colour Ideas

Bold Colours

Utilising bold and loud colours that compliment each other within the same space spruces it up to perfection. Blues and greens – Deep Faith (NP AC 2093 A) and Green Feathers (NP AC 2105 A) – of the same temperament placed beside each other adds a touch of richness to your home making in undeniable lush and lavish. The colours play a huge role in deciding how your spaces looks and feels; having said that, this particular combination of hues makes the space look vast and engulfing, where in you are drawn to its immense sense of calm and composure.  

Rustic Minimalism

A plain white wall is and will always be a classic. It is something that will never change or be replaced by another; a constant in the domain of ever-changing wall painting colour ideas. White Lace (NP OW 1004 P) is the perfect shade of rustic white to paint over a textured wall. The subtle contours created by the uneven surface of the wall brings in a play of light and shadow making the neutrality of the facade desirable with greater reason. 

Bronze and Browns

Browns give your home a natural and earthy feel. It makes you centred and down to earth. It talks of purity and sustainability. Brown is a shade that contributes to almost every piece of furniture and product you own. It has the ability to settle in and go well with any colour, material and texture within the space. Like any other hue on the spectrum, brown too has its own set of tints, tones and shades. Sable Brown is one of the most neutral and soothing of the lot, helping tie your home together as a single strong unit. 

Touch of Pink

Nothing screams youth like a colourful and vibrant space. The perky pinks of the walls illuminate the entire room within the dome of its reflection while echoing with new experiences, memories and pure happiness. The Pink Stockings (NP R 1270 P) shade of paint on the outer walls with an off-white tone of Timid Pink (NP OW 1206 P) on the insides makes sure to create the balance needed within the space. It validates the loudness with its laid back participation making the space work in flawless synchronisation 

Grey Area

Utilising shades of grey is a neat and easy way to paint you home. Minimalism being the new in, greys truly uplift the space while maintaining its simplicity. Cloud Formation (NP N 1971 P) is a subtle tone of grey that works best when painting large portions of your walls; it brings out the vastness and lighting of your home without overpowering it. When it comes to home painting colour ideas, it is always important to use shades of the same hue to create accents and exaggerate certain portion of the space. This makes sure that the room is evenly painted with well-made orderly features.

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