We’ve taken a look at some of the most creative and innovative interior design styles which you simply can’t miss out on when planning your own happy home. These styles are sure to grow in popularity and demand, as the trendy interior design fashion wheel continues to turn and spin. Here we look at some latest trends in interior designs.

Floral Design and Patterns:


It’s so delectable on the eyes that you can almost smell the perfume! Floral patterns are the rage on the walls of many modern homes. From Villas to standard apartments, intricate floral patterns will guarantee a most nourishing and lively environment.

Wall paint colours also play a huge role in this concept as you can truly generate some garden esque feels indoors by carefully placing floral patterns all across your walls. So it’s not only essential to pick the right floral designs or patterns, but also to pick the respective colours that accompany them. Lighter shades are preferred for your general indoor spaces with a more concentrated or intricate pattern for your verandah’s and balconies. Remember that lighter colours make a room feel more spacious and darker colours make your rooms enclosed and cosier.

Flower pots and vases also compliment this style of interior designing as you end up blending objects with the backgrounds much better.

Rich Jewel Colours and Tones:


The colours of jewels are of another calibre and cannot be compared with standard colour themes. It is that very quality of jewels that make these precious stones so adored and most sought after in the world. They seem to emit a glow which cannot be replicated artificially without compromising on the essence.

Everyone has a favourite jewel, for some, it’s the classic diamond for others it may be a rich Ruby. We’ve taken a dig at this concept and found that the Emerald Green or the Turquoise blue adds the Royal and Regal feel to ordinary colours. Interiors paint colours with such a theme will make your home feel like a Palace indeed. Aside from these interior decorating styles, chandeliers are traditionally made up of precious stones that mimic the texture and effervescence of diamonds, so you might want to look into that as well.

Jewel tones can be applied in any interior space of your choice. Even your bathroom can be made into a gorgeous personal chamber with this elite mix of ordinary colours and precious stones.

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