What is your favourite colour? It’s one of the earliest questions we learn to answer and the most common answer would be blue. Blue is one of the world’s favourite colours due to its cool and pleasant nature. Hence, blue remains as the go-to paint colour choice for our homes. Be it blue colour schemes (or) shades of blue, we prefer blue in any form for our house. Here we suggest 10 paint colours that go well with various shades of blue on your walls.

Indigo and White:


Red and blue are the primary colours that make up Indigo which is a colour between blue and violet. Indigo is an impressive blue colour scheme to have in your home. Indigo taking the centre stage and accents of white make it a phenomenal blue colour combination for your home. This colour combination adds a lot of perspectives and it makes your interiors look clean and elegant.

Teal and Taupe:


Teal is a combination of two primary colours; blue and green, and it epitomizes the water of the sea. Teal paired with neutral colours like taupe will bring the beach like atmosphere to your home. This combination on your interior walls will create a relaxed and peaceful ambience. This can be exactly implied using Nippon’s cerulean and little angel paint colours.

Cobalt and Yellow:


Yellow is one of the best colours that go with blue. Warm yellow with blue colour schemes makes your house look more vivacious. Specifically, cobalt blue walls get a splash of contrast from the yellow that makes it the best blue colour combination.

Pastel colours:

a-sofa-in-a-living-room-painted-with-baby-blue -and-brown-colour-sofa

Baby blue is one of the unique shades of blue. Being a pastel colour, baby blue blends well with other pastel colours like pink and mauve. This blue colour combination adds a neutral and soothing flavour to your home.

Denim and Grey:


Denim is a peculiar shade of blue; it is obtained by coagulating blue and navy blue. Denim blue with grey in your home interior look more dignified and sophisticated.  The rugged nature of denim blended with a neutral grey will come across as a staggering wall colour combination.

Indigo and Orange:


Indigo and Orange are examples that even two totally contrasting colours complement each other. Orange and blue colour schemes bring popular and modern colour combination into interior design. This combination is so versatile when indigo is used and can be applied across your home.

Monochromatic Blue:


Although a monochrome palette, Shades of blue evokes a calming and welcoming ambience in your home. Blue being a cool colour will give a pleasant and tranquil feel to your interiors. The shades of blue in your interior walls, add a stately and classy look to your home.

Coastal blue and Coral:


Coastal blue is a lighter shade of blue. It’s a lively, nourishing colour that has a youthful flavour to it. Contrary to blue schemes, this shade of blue has a certain warmth to it.  When combined with the refreshing coral pink, it evokes images of the ocean floor and a vibrant seabed in your wall.

Sapphire and Gold:


Sapphire is a shade of blue that gives the space a spacious look. Gold and sapphire is one combination that captures your eyes instantly. This not so loud blue colour combination bestows a dreamy look to your house.

Misty Blue and Aqua:


Misty blue has the lightness and brightness you need from a relaxing colour. This shade of blue mixed with aqua provides a cool and elegant look to your home. They have a real depth to them and are comforting and bold at the same time.

All these above colours make a splendid blue colour combination in your walls. Choose the shade of blue that you feel is apt for your home.

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