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Vaastu Colours for Home

Posted by Nippon Paint on Aug 28th 2014

Colours play a very important role in our lives and have a definite bearing on our fate. The colours used in painting our houses especially interior colours, have an astonishing effect on mood, attitude, and thinking patterns. This is because the colours that surround us have a direct psychological impact on our moods. Colours have the capacity of pacifying our mind and stimulating our energy. Colours can have emotional, intellectual, materialistic, intuitive and many other types of influence on humans.

Vaastu Paints

Direction Colour suggested
East (Sun) Shining white
West (Saturn) Blue
North (Mercury) Green
South (Mars) Pink, Coral red
North-East (Jupiter) Golden Yellow
South-West (Rahu) Green
South-East (Venus) Silver Whites
North-West (Moon) White

Colours in Use


Red colour is known for its vitality and zest. It displays warmth and lightens your mood the moment you look at it. Due to the qualities it possesses, red is one of the favored colours to be used at home. Red represents power and valor. It is dramatic in mood, emotional, active and ignites passion and desire. It enlivens the interior space and creates excitement and enthusiasm for life. However, red should not be used in the bedroom, as it is too energizing. When used in the bedroom, it can be overpowering and stressful for people who are anxious by nature.


Orange colour’s beauty lies in its ethereal qualities. The colour inspires spirituality as it represents transcendence and an otherworldly aspect of life. It is the best colour for your dining room as orange colour has the ability to stir, or rather stimulate your appetite. Communication, positive feelings, cheerfulness and interaction is enhanced, if you paint your dining room or living room orange. Peach colour can also be used in the dining hall, as it gives a cooling effect.


Yellow is associated with the sun. It nurtures clarity of mind and natural alertness. Yellow also gives a sense of patience and wisdom. Its placement should be chosen with care, as it is a very bright and energizing colour. A room that gets direct sunlight need not be painted yellow or peach. However, yellow or sandal-coloured walls are just perfect for the prayer room, due to their ability to inspire intellectual clarity.


White symbolizes purity and is highly recommended by Vastu for your ceilings. It also reflects light and brightens the room. In a bedroom facing the northwest direction, white colour can be used.


Pink colour can be used in the master bedroom or bedrooms that face in the south and southwest direction. It is a colour which reflects joy, happiness and pure feelings, essential for a happy life.


Green represents harmony and peacefulness. As green is symbolic of nature, it generates calm and inner peace in the house. Green can be used in the study room, as it augments intelligence. Since green brings quick healing and rejuvenation as well, disturbed people or those who need refreshment can calm themselves in a green-coloured room.