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Nippon Wood Magic is a premium, highly durable, one-pack transparent polyurethane-based paint meant to beautify and protect wood surfaces. While it enhances the elegant and rich look of natural wood, it also protects furniture for longer periods. It is available in both high gloss and satin finishes.

Wood Magic Product Features

Features Action Benefit
Wood-Magic-1 Lead-Free It does not contain any heavy metals like lead, chromium and cadmium which are harmful to the human body if consumed or inhaled Paints that do not contain heavy metals are safe to use at home as well as environment-friendly too.
Wood-Magic-2 High PU Content It gives 2 X toughness to the film layer while being flexible The High PU content extends the durability and adds extra toughness to the film layer.
Bodelac-Enamel-2 High Sheen It imparts a very high sheen to wooden surfaces. Gives a luxurious appearance to the wood surface and looks fresh and new forever.

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