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Nippon Paint Satin Enamel

Nippon Paint Satin Enamel Paint calculator

Nippon Satin Enamel is a specially blended enamel paint that protects and beautifies interior, exterior, wood, metal and masonry surfaces. It imparts a rich, satin finish with a soft sheen and forms a layer which is tough, washable, and long-lasting. It is resistant to alkali, stains and water.

Satin Enamel Product Features

Features Action Benefit
Satin-Enamel-1 High Mar Resistance It forms a very strong layer that provides resistance from scratches that occurs during normal use. Helps keep the surface scratch/dent free and beautiful.
Satin-Enamel-3 High Opacity It provides excelling concealment and thus make the colour look bright Its good concealment power helps you achieve even dark shades with a minimum number of coats.
Satin-Enamel-2 No added Lead It does not contain lead, which is harmful to the human body if consumed or inhaled Paints that do not contain heavy metals are safe to use at home as well as environment friendly

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