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Nippon Melamic is a specially formulated solvent-based, two-pack transparent wood finish for interiors. Its superior low odour formulation not only protects wood and veneers from scratches and stains but also enhances the aesthetics. Its comes in glossy & matt finishes.

Melamic Product Features

Features Action Benefit
Melamic-1 Low Odour The low-odor formulation makes it easy to apply. Its special low-odour formulation makes the application process comfortable for the user.
Melamic-2 Lead Free It does not contain lead which is harmful to the human body if consumed or inhaled. Paints that do not contain heavy metals are safe to use at home as well as environment-friendly too.
Melamic-3 High Mar Resistance Provides excellent mar-resistance. It forms a very strong layer that provides resistance from scratches that occur during normal maintenance.

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