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Nippon Satin Glo + is an acrylic emulsion paint specially formulated to decorate and protect interior walls and provide a luxurious finish. It imparts a satin-like sheen to walls. These soft, iridescent hues are light-hearted, inspiring and unmistakably cheerful. So sit back and enjoy colours that soothe the soul.

Satin Glo Product Features

Features Action Benefit
satin-glo-3 Anti-bacterial It does not allow fungi and bacteria to breed and form colonies on the wall Keeps the walls hygienic. It reduces the chance of picking up allergies and keeps residents healthy.
satin-glo-1 100% Acrylic Paint Formula It reflects light even in low intensity lighting in rooms Gives rich luxurious look and feel to walls
Dr-Bond-2 Excellent Washability and stain Resistance It does not emit any odour during and after painting hence reducing the risk of any irritation, headache or nausea etc Healthy interiors-ensures that home owners can occupy the house immediately after painting
satin-glo-2  Stain resistance  Does not allow stain to settle on walls  Stain free clean walls resulting in a healthy environment

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