Nippon Paint Matex Gold

Nippon Paint Matex Gold Paint calculator

Nippon Matex Gold is a premium acrylic emulsion which provides a smooth sheen finish to interior walls. It delivers excellent coverage, possesses good washability and is low VOC, hence maintaining a healthy home.

Matex Gold Product Features

Features Action Benefit
Matex-Gold-1 Smooth Sheen Finish The paint spreads evenly across the surface of the wall Gives the walls a smooth even finish by hiding unevenness
Matex-Gold-2 Good Washability Makes the surface easier to clean. Trouble free cleaning of the walls
Matex-Gold-3 Low VOC Does not emit harmful polluting gases Environment friendly
Matex-Gold-4 Excellent coverage Covers more area than regular paints in its class Cost of painting is low

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