Nippon Paint Samurai

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Nippon Samurai is a specially formulated value for money water based exterior 100% acrylic emulsion paint, ideally suited for dry or moderately humid climatic conditions. It resists fading and gives smooth finish to exterior walls. It is durable and offers good concealment and spreading.

Samurai Product Features

Features Action Benefit
Samurai-1 Anti-Peel Formula Gives strong anchorage of the paint film with the wall as the acrylic emulsion goes deep into the substrate pores and grips firmly. The paint doesn’t peel off from the wall, therefore wall looks beautiful for a longer period.
Samurai-2 Colour Bright Formula The paint film doesn’t fade. The shade looks clean and bright. The walls look cleaner and brighter for years.
Samurai-3 Excellent Coverage and Hiding Gives excellent coverage – covers more area with better concealment in comparison to any other conventional exterior emulsion. Gives rich finish to the wall and needs less quantity to paint the same area.

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