Nippon Paint Roof Coating

Nippon Paint Roof Coating Paint calculator

Nippon Roof Coating is an acrylic paint that is specially formulated for painting and repainting asbestos and roof tiles. It is easy to apply and forms a smooth, tough durable film with excellent gloss. It is also resistant to fungi, water and dirt pick-up.

Roof Coating Product Features

Features Action Benefit
Bodelac-Enamel-2 High gloss Roofs looks glossier and brighter Gives a rich luxurious look and feel to to the tiles/roofs
Wetherbond-3 Dirt-pickup-resistant It doesn’t allow dirt/dust to settle on the tiles/roofs easily. Therefore the tiles/roofs look new and beautiful for years.
Samurai-3 Anti-Algal It does not allow algae or fungus to breed and form colonies on the roofs. The roof looks rich and spotless, for longer.

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